5+ Interior Home DIY Resolutions

A trendy living room with blue and white tones

When you sit down to list those New Year’s resolutions, make sure to include some DIY tasks. After all, there are few things more satisfying than combining the “Honey-do” list with DIY skills. So whether you’re hoping to clean up a single cupboard or give an entire room a facelift, here are some DIY tasks to motivate and inspire!

1. Update Trim

The molding in any room holds the power to make a statementor to draw your gaze towards an eyesore. If your room fits into the latter category, give it an update. Swap out the vinyl-wrapped baseboard trim for a newer style. If you already have a good-quality trim, offer it a facelift with a coat of paint. Crown or cove molding is another option to enhance and update your space.

2. Paint/Remove Wallpaper

A woman removing wallpaper

While you’re looking at your walls, evaluate how you can renew the look. Is it time to peel back the wallpaper or maybe install some for a vintage feel? Perhaps a simple coat of paint will do the trick. Remember that light colors will make a small space feel larger while a darker color can add warmth to a large area. For a fun and creative DIY project, consider texturing your wall or use a faux painting technique. Paint your walls before you install the trim so you don’t have to tape around it.

3. Add Extra Shelving

As you vow to find space for everything in your house, especially the new additions from Christmas, think about adding shelving to one or several spaces. For example, build a floating shelf to go above the toilet. The pantry and garage could also benefit from new shelving. Use your woodworking skills to make a basic frame out of 2x4s and add plywood for shelving. The space above the dryer is another great place for additional shelving so you can store detergent and fabric softener within easy reach. Be sure to mount all wall shelving to a stud wherever possible.

4. Get Organized!

Organized boxes and folders on shelves

Dozens of organizing books have made the best-seller list for a simple reasonmany of us continuously strive for organization. We know how it goes, the garage is the last stop for everything in the house, the laundry room gets filled with everything from pet supplies to canned goods, and your bedroom can be described as anything but zen. Whether you’re tackling a single drawer or an intimidating office space, the steps are the same:

  1. Empty the space. Take every item out and vow not to bring it back if you don’t need it or love it.
  2. Sort. Create four piles: donate, discard, keep, relocate. Be ruthless here. Ask yourself if you’ve used it in the past six months to one year. If you need it again, can you rent it? (think that paint sprayer or steamvac) Does it need a repair? Does it have a purpose or make you happy?
  3. Bring the “keeps” back in. Make sure to group like items together. Create a system that works how you work. If you’re right-handed, put items you reach for on the right side of your desk. Put the recycling bin next to where you open the mail each day. Organize the kitchen for your height, etc.

5. Pull Out Carpet

Pulling the carpet out and replacing it with click-together laminate is an easy DIY option. Use a chop saw to cut lengths and angles. Start in a corner and work your way across each row before adding the next row. Make sure all seams are securely pressed together before moving on.

Other Quick DIY Updates

  • Mount your TV to the wall
  • Rein in the wires behind desks or entertainment centers
  • Wash or replace the drapes or blinds
  • Put plants in new pots
  • Spray paint light fixtures
  • Recaulk the shower and sinks
  • Replace toilet lids