5 Kitchen Trends for 2016

A dream kitchen with architectural plans surrounding it.
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My mother is a crafty DIYer. When she first decorated her house, she employed a theory of design that featured timeless, neutral tones in the permanent things (such as walls and carpets) so she could simply re-accessorize with furniture and appliances when the mood hit. According to leading experts, a modern kitchen should be done under the same theory, reflecting trends of natural décor, country-chic, and minimalist simplicity.

This article will explore some of the main aspects of kitchen design for 2016. Broken into sections based on features, research was done studying articles and blogs of leading home design experts to offer us DIYers a leg up for getting and staying on-trend in our home remodeling projects. To the normal eye, a kitchen is simply a kitchen; yet with a bit of creativity and some old-fashioned elbow grease, the place where food is cooked can be so much more.


A modern kitchen.

As natural and organic looks are in style, wood, and earth-inspired cabinetry will be everywhere this coming year. Further, as the organic tones of such cabinets can offer the warm honey and chestnut tones that remind one of the still-popular “country chic” looks, the materials create a versatile look, one that will continue to be highly desired in coming seasons.


The fixtures of a kitchen can make or break the completeness and professionalism of your home DIY project. This year, following the trends of naturalism and approachability, warm-colored taps and knobs are said to be very in style. This includes brass and reflective metals, and even the mixing and matching of materials, for instance, a copper and chrome combination. Lastly, if one is on a strict budget, the neutrality of this palette gives a long-lasting look that should mesh with a number of trends both present and future.


A kitchen with a farmhouse sink.

Remember when all kitchen sinks had to be shallow and white to be considered fashionable? To best complement, a more natural overall appearance, colorful (non-white) sinks are said to be the best option for any do-it-yourself kitchen makeover in 2016. The reason this specific type of sink is said to be becoming so popular is that the concept allows greater options when following many of the other trends previously mentioned. What’s more, large (also called farmhouse or trough sinks) sinks are going to continue to dominate the kitchen décor world.

Floor Plans

A floor plan for a kitchen in 2016 will by itself not differ all that greatly from those designs of 2015. The difference, however, will be in how it relates to the rest of the home’s cohesion.

While last year featured the modern standard of openness (with an island in the middle when the extra space was available), this year's design focus works to expand the outside kitchen walls so the surrounding rooms can have a clear view into the kitchen for the purposes of entertaining.

What is unique this year, however, is in regards to a color scheme: the days of matching rooms are out. Though an open kitchen does allow a user to see through one room into the next, the trend for 2016 is to allow for harmonization between the spaces without painting 3 rooms the same color as was once suggested. The idea is to make a “storyboard” out of the decorative elements of a home, one where every room plays a unique part in telling the lovely journey without repeat or distraction.

Eating Areas

A breakfast bar in a modern kitchen.

As much as I hate to say it, multiple sources have reported the end of a classic piece of family furniture. Yes, many designers feel the kitchen table is “out.” Thanks to new ideas like tall pub tables, increased breakfast bar space, or just simply additional countertop space, the old table is beginning to be eliminated from the 2016 decorative list; whether it will ever be gone for good will only be told with time.