5 Latest Trends in Window Treatments

Interior design trends tend to cycle approximately once every 10 years. Current trends in window treatments are moving toward easier applications with clean lines and understated elegance. The top 5 include:

Going Green

Green window treatments simply mean using fabrics and wood that are not a threatened resource. For example, bamboo blinds are a popular choice because of the plants quick growing ability that is easy to replenish without destroying it's natural habitat. Rice, bamboo, hemp and cork continue to grow in popularity as people around the world become more aware of the earth's condition. These used to come predominantly in a blind type of design. Today we finding more fabrics of a competitive nature in home decoration departments. Look for these green fabrics on bolts of assorted prints and textures as well as the more traditional blind system.


Colors are moving away from the bold and complex paisleys and busy floral printed patterns. Simple lines displayed in cool; light blues, aqua, deep blue based greens and neutrals, are moving to the front of the line. Reds and related warm tones are taking a second position. Neutrals and earth variations, such as brown, tan, taupe are still a favored classic since they fit well in any decor or room style.


Valances, swags, blinds and shades are the defining window treatments today. With the popularity of the spacious "great room" architectural feature in new home construction, the idea of space and unlimited light is the choice of home buyers today. Heavy layerd window treatments have been traded for simple finishes, clean lines and limited hardware. Adjustable blinds redirect heat and light while providing selective privacy.

Rich Fabrics

Though the trend in window treatments is going to minimal hardware with the less bulky, heavier window framing of layered sheers, drapes and valances, choose the higher end materials to accent those windows. Don't skimp, use fabric blends of satin, velvet even furs and tassels are incorporated into swags and valances.

Creative Options

Out of the box ideas are also becoming popular. Instead of using traditionally designed swags and valances home owners, with the encouragement of interior decorators are pulling in other sources of window treatment fabrics and hardware. Boat paddles and hockey sticks become curtain rods. Table runners and blankets become creative and unique valances, swags and cornices.

Bold Prints

If you choose to use a printed fabric, choose the larger, free flowing bolder prints over small, repetitive patterns. Stripes over solids are also a popular choice of today's designers.

Fashion trends are not the only design determinant when it comes to your window treatments. Form and function must also be considered. For example, though rolling blinds and shades seem to be in vogue today, if you are creating a room with a sophisticated look, drapes are always the best way to go.

Or if a bedroom need more room darkening, it may be better to look at installing shutters or or room darkening curtains.

The main rule to remember is that your home is all about you and your expression of design. It's about creating comfort for you and your loved ones with or without the latest decorating tide.