5 Major Things to Avoid with a Gas Pressure Washer

A woman uses a pressure washer.

A gas pressure washer is quite a bit stronger than an electric pressure washer. It may be used for a variety of different household tasks. A gas pressure washer can be used to power wash the exterior of the home, the patios, the walkways, or the driveway. It can be used to lightly clean off a dirty deck. A gas pressure washer also can be used to clean all types of patio furniture. It is a very useful household tool but precautions should be adhered to at all times for safety reasons and to maintain the proper use and care for your gas pressure washer. Here are a few things to avoid when you are putting your gas pressure washer to use.

1. Gas and Oil Precautions

Every gas pressure washer is different. Some require that you use regular gasoline. Others require that you use a two cycle mix. Some gas pressure washers use both a mixture of gasoline and oil. You must read your instructions carefully. Using the wrong product or mixing your products the wrong way will damage the engine. Your gas pressure washer will cease to work if you do not pay attention to the fuel requirements.

2. Keep Away from Children

A gas pressure washer is a powerful machine. It can hurt someone if it is not used properly. It is best to keep this machine away from children. Either lock it in your exterior shed or leave it in a location where your children cannot access it.

3. Do Not Store in Home

Since your gas pressure washer uses a combustible fuel, keep it away from the interior of your home. Preferably, store your gas pressure washer in a shed that is on the exterior of your home or located at a different place in your yard. As a last resort, store the gas pressure washer in the garage, away from the door, or at the closest point to the exterior.

4. Do Not Start Indoors

Do not start your gas pressure washer while indoors. Make sure you have proper and adequate ventilation. Do not use your gas pressure washer for interior tasks. Do not use on your basement floor. These type of projects should only use an electric pressure washer or just a hose.

5. Avoid Painted Surfaces

Be careful around painted surfaces. Your gas pressure washer is a very powerful tool. It may take off or strip the paint from the surface. Interlocking brick and stonework is also something you must be careful with. Use very light pressure on these surfaces. Brick and stonework can either be dyed throughout the entire product or often the color only exists on the surface of the stonework. The gas pressure washer may strip the surface and you will be left with blotches of grey throughout your interlocking stonework pattern.