5 Mini Greenhouses for Protecting Plants

mini greenhouse with green plants

With much of the country baking in sweltering summer temps, it’s hard to imagine prepping our plants for the change of seasons. But cold weather looms, and if you’re a serious plant parent, you know this is the perfect time to start planning. If you missed out on Amazon Prime Day, there are still deals to be found on a variety of mini-greenhouses that satisfy your garden needs in order to protect your delicate plant babies.

For Small Spaces

Apartment living doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice plant parenthood for space. The Gardman 4-tier Mini Greenhouse gives you ample room on 4 shelves to accommodate seed trays and potted plants. It fits neatly on a deck or balcony where floor space is at a premium, but can be moved inside if outdoor temps are too extreme.

The clear polyethylene cover has a zippered door that rolls up and out of the way for easy access to the inner sanctum, guaranteeing protection for those emerging seedlings and giving you a head start on the growing season. Its steel frame is lightweight, and the entire thing comes together easily without any tools.

Check Out Gardman Greenhouses on Amazon

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It's a real deal at around $50.

For Walk-In Comfort

If you’ve got the space, the Ohuhu Walk-In is a great option. It stands over six feet tall, has 3 tiers consisting of 12 shelves on a rust-resistant frame. The polyethylene cover is UV resistant and waterproof, and the zippered front closure rolls up and out of the way for easy walk-in access to your plants.

Ohuhu on Amazon

pop up greenhouse

Screened windows provide a peekaboo spot where you can spy on your plants' progress during the year. You can roll the screens up for ventilation during the day, and when the evening temps get too cool, drop the screens and secure them with Velcro closures. Ropes and anchors increase the structure’s stability, and the whole thing goes together quickly and easily.

The Ohuhu regularly goes for $100, but is a steal right now at just over $70.

If You Can’t Commit

Maybe you’re new to gardening and just not sure it's something you can commit to. Or perhaps the Covid-era piqued your interest in getting outside and growing something beautiful or edible. Either way, if you’re on the fence about this whole gardening thing and not too sure you can commit, start small.

The Pop-up Portable Grow Greenhouse Tent takes up very little room and can even sit on a tabletop. It’s built for indoor/outdoor use and has a thick PVC cover for protection during inclement weather and overall durability. And best of all--it requires zero assembly. This way, if you decide gardening just isn’t for you, just turn it into a shelter for various vulnerable critters that live in your neighborhood. A welcome respite from the cold weather in deep winter.

Pop Ups on Amazon

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For around $20, you can have either a greenhouse or a winter critter hotel. It's a win-win either way.

The Lean-To

Perched against the side of the house, the Vivosun Mini Lean-To looks like a solarium. It's fabricated like the previous greenhouses with a metal frame, sturdy polyethylene cover, and zippered door, but you get more room than the Gardman 4-Tier, along with the convenience of a walk-in like the Ohuhu.

Lean-Tos on Amazon

lean to pop up greenhouse

At $90 it's on the higher end of the price spectrum, but with its space saving footprint and easy access, this one's hard to beat.

The Indoor Option

If an outdoor greenhouse simply isn't an option, an all-in-one kit might be just the ticket. The Sunblaster Mini Greenhouse kit is lightweight and compact enough to fit in a tight space like a kitchen counter. Raise microgreens and herbs for fresh salads in the middle of winter. The kit is complete with a grow lamp, stand, plastic tray and cover. And the covered environment is perfect to provide humidity for emerging seedlings that would otherwise suffer from the dry indoors during winter.

Sunblasters on Amazon

mini indoor greenhouse

The smallest of all the mini greenhouses here, it's also the most expensive at over $100. But the payoff is worth it if you can keep yourself supplied with fresh herbs during the winter, then use it to give your seeds a head start in the spring.

You've got lots of choices in mini-greenhouses. All you need to do is pick one!

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