5 Misconceptions About Wood Filler

If you find yourself browsing the Internet for wood filler, you may that there are many misconceptions about the uses and usefulness of the wood filler. Wood filler itself is any product that is used to create a wood finish on pieces that are deemed unfinished. Typically you will find wood filler in a paste form. This paste is brushed over various open grained woods to create a smooth and textured finish. The paste seeps down into the wood itself, filling all the open pores that exist in the wood grain.

Created of 3 Components

Wood fillers are actually created by the combination of three different pieces. The first is a binder that is the actual finish that appears on the woods surface. The bulking agent is made up of various materials because it will not shrink or swell within the wood when the temperature changes from cold to hot and visa versa. The third part is the solvent that mixes the previous two components together and blends them.

Wood Filler is Different from Grain Filler

While wood filler is deemed to be the best to use when finishing your wood pieces, you will find that there is a large difference between wood filler and grain filler. Wood filler is often cheap. Typically it is created by compact wood dust. Although many places will claim to have the proper kind of mixture to secure that the wood filler is effective and efficient, the pieces tend to drastically change due to the change in temperature. The only true filler is the grain filler, this is created with the use of silica, which truly is made properly and will withstand the elements.

Only Effective With Small Stuff

Wood filler is said to be used so that you can add that wood finish to any piece that you are working. However the sad truth is that wood filler really only works well on small pieces that contain only mild scratches and scrapes. Because wood filler is cheaper than grain filler, the piece will drastically be affected by the temperature. The filler will expand when the weather gets hot and then shrink when the weather gets cold.

Wood Filler Is Not a Proper Wood Finish

Though the wood filler is laid onto the wood in order to create a smooth, textured look, this does not mean that the piece is finished. With the addition of wood filler, you must still use some sort of sealant in order to ensure that the wood is properly closed. Leaving the piece as it stands may look nice from the start, but in a short amount of time your wood will warp and be destroyed.

Not All Wood Needs Filler

The key aspect of wood filler is indeed in the name itself. It fills wood. The open pores that exist in wood get easily filled with the paste. However, not all wood requires it to be a finish. The only wood that really needs to have a wood filler applied to it is oak, mahogany and walnut.