5 Mistakes to Avoid When Grouting Mirror Tiles

What You'll Need
Waterproof grout
Dowel rod

Mirror tiles can add warmth and depth to any room of a home. If you are doing this type of project yourself, then there are certain issues that can arise. The following article will explain common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Choose the Wrong Grouting Materials

If you are installing the mirror tile near a water source such as a sink, shower or tub, then you have to use a grout that is waterproof. Even tiles that are fitted perfectly can still fall victim to water making its way down to the adhesive. When this happens, the adhesive that is not waterproof will rot and crumble. Eventually the mirror tiles will fall and shatter. Condensation and humidity are also a problem for tiles, so keep this in mind. The grout acts as a first line of defense.

Too Quick to Grout

Many people who are trying to install their own tile often grout soon after placing the tiles on top of the adhesive. You want the adhesive under the tiles to dry completely. Wait at least a full day and up to 2 days for the adhesive to completely dry. Once it is cured, you can then start your grouting of the tiles.

Sloppy Grouting

A sloppy grouting job not only weakens the tile on the adhesive, but can also dry before the tiles are in place. Grout that is left on top of the tiles can also dry and be nearly impossible to remove when dry. Use a squeegee to evenly spread the grout over the tiles. Create a small area in your head to start with and only work in that area until you are done. Remember to remove the excess grout as soon as possible before it sets fast on the tile. When working with the grout, also be sure that it is pushed solidly in all of the gaps by rolling a dowel rod over it.

Bath Top Neglect

Detail is very important when installing mirror tiles as well as ceramic. Take the time to make certain that if you working to place tiles on a bath top that all gaps are sealed. Pay special attention to the gaps between the bottom tile row and the bath top. If the gap is not perfectly sealed; you will most likely get water leaking into the gaps as it cascades over the tiles. To solve this problem you should fill the bath with water first and then tile the bath top. A bath can swell much more than you would normally think. If you fail to plan for this then you will probably see cracks in the sealant.

Improper Fitting

Take your time when laying the tile on adhesive. Your tiles have to be the exact same size in order for you to grout it correctly. If the tiles does not line up perfectly you will have a mess.