5 Options to Consider for Porch Screen Material

The right porch screen goes a long way to enhance the appearance of your porch. Screens allow you to relax more comfortably on the porch. They help to keep insects away from the porch. Screens also give you some protection from the weather elements. This allows you to enjoy the fresh air on your porch even during light rains. When well installed the right material adds to the ambiance of your home. Although most screens incorporate the woven design, different materials are used. Some of the types you may want to consider are given below.

1. Stainless Steel Porch Screens

The high resilience of stainless steel screens makes them highly popular. Stainless steel screens aren’t easily damaged by the elements or hard impact. Screens hardly break, get dented or warp. Steel screens have a high resistance to corrosion and rust. This makes them ideal in marine environments. The screens are amongst those with the lowest maintenance needs. Stainless steel screens also have a high durability. Once installed, the feature keeps in good shape for several years. The screens are averagely priced on the market.

2. Aluminum Porch Screens

Aluminum screens are lighter than steel yet quite practical. The lightweight nature makes them easy to install. You can easily bend the material to conform to your needs. It is also easy to cut the screens with various hand tools. Aluminum screens come in silver, charcoal and black. Although not as durable as steel, aluminum screens are dependable. They bear some of the cheapest prices on the market.

3. Copper Porch Screens

Due to the soft nature of copper, these screens are some of the easiest to install. You can bend and cut the screen easily. The material has minimal spring-back which enables easier installation. Copper screens undergo a natural color change with time. This enhances the beauty of the screen which adds to the unique attractiveness of copper screens. Copper screens are available in a variety of natural colors which blend well with the décor. Copper screens are some of the most expensive on the market.

4. Brass Porch Screens

The attractive yellowish-gold color of brass screens appeals to many. These screens have high tensile strength. Brass screens are amongst the most durable. It takes some effort to install due to the stiffness of the material. The down side of brass screens is the color change with time caused by the elements. This necessitates periodic maintenance procedures which makes brass screens some of the more high maintenance types. The screens cost just about as much as the copper type.

5. Fiberglass Porch Screens

Permanent glass yarn is used to produce these screens. The material is then coated with vinyl to protect it. Although somewhat delicate, fiberglass screens have minimal maintenance needs. They do not stain, rust, corrode, rot, scratch or catch flames. This gives fiberglass screens a high functionality. They come in a wide variety of colors which enables you to achieve your desired color scheme. Fiberglass screens are the least expensive on the market.

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