5 Outdoor Barbecue Pit Designs

An outdoor barbeque pit is an all-time favorite among homeowners to enhance their yards for entertaining. Five of the most outstanding outdoor barbeque pit designs are the brick barbeque pit design, the dry stack barbeque plan, the sheltered barbeque pit design, the timber barbeque unit and the portable pit design.

1. Brick Barbeque Pit Design

The brick barbeque pit design is easy to achieve. All you have to do is simply pile bricks and make them sturdy with mortar. Secure the grill rack with layers of brick to complete the task. If you want to have a chimney and doors for your barbeque pit, the task becomes more complex and will take longer to complete. Aside from being very durable, this design is very effective as a means of cooking food. This type of enclosed barbeque pit can make cooking quicker and also make food tastier.

2. Dry Stack Barbeque Plan

The dry stack barbeque plan is much like the brick barbeque pit design. It involves stacking up bricks but doesn't use mortar so it can be taken down after use. This designs means that any size grill will fit in as it can be built to any dimensions. Level out the bricks so that it will hold stronger during use and allow to cool thoroughly before dismantling.

3. Sheltered Barbeque Pit Design

The sheltered barbeque pit design is the same model as a fireplace. Being enclosed, it protects the food, making cooking easier and faster even when the weather is cold or wet. This design is very effective in wet climates where you want to b able to barbeque regularly regardless of the weather.

4. Timber Barbeque

The timber barbeque pit design is a better choice for those who waste timber or wood that can be used as a heat source when cooking. For those who live in tropical areas, such a design is advisable. You can also use your timber barbeque pit to keep utensils used for barbeques. You can design it in such a way that it also accommodates food preparation areas and storage for utensils, which will save you countless trips back into the house.

5. Portable Pit Design

Portable barbeque pit sets are sold in supermarkets and department stores. Shop for one that is durable. This is a good option if you don't have a permanent place for a barbeque pit or if you want to take in on a camping or RV trip. This portable option allows you to barbeque anytime and anywhere.

All of these designs are very functional and efficient. You just have to consider the design that will best fit your lifestyle and the climate of your area. You can also customize the design to make it more unique and more functional for your own personal satisfaction. For those who want to have a barbeque pit that has a storage area, you can even include shelves on the pit doors.