5 Pool Fence Styles and Types

A pool fence can serve 1 or 3 purposes; privacy, security and ornamentation. To meet these needs, there are almost as many types of pool fences as there are pools themselves. By spending a few minutes determining which of the 3 aspects of the fence are most important, you will simplify the decision making process.

Chain Link

This fencing provides functional safety but minimal aesthetic quality. If you like the low to no maintenance aspects of a chain link fence and still want privacy, there is an option. Slats have been manufactured from plastic to work directly with a chain link fence. They come in various colors and can be weaved into the fence horizontally, vertically or diagonally. If you feel particularly creative you can expand the slats with some a design using more than one color.


Wood fencing is the standard that surrounds middle America. It provides security, privacy and will work with any landscaped arrangement. Cedar wood is the best choice when it comes to pool fencing because it resists rotting and requires no chemical treatments. Over time it will fade into a gray color, which may work well with your outdoor design scheme but if not, it will fall into the category of needing standard wood maintenance of staining or painting.

Ornamental Aluminum

This fence is made from hollow tubes rather than solid metal. The manufacturers of this type of fencing ionize the many choices of paint directly to the fence, which keeps it's color bright and new for great lengths of time. There are many configurations and styles to choose from, ranging from the traditional to contemporary. Security and ornamentation are it's strong features. Privacy is not a consideration.

Solid Panel PVC

Standard sizes range from 3 to 7 feet and are sold in solid panel forms. Ornamental attachments can be added to the top to give it a classier look to fit with your out door decor. Solid panel pvc comes in several colors and provides high levels of privacy and ornamentation.

Glass Panel

Frequently used in commercial decks, seaside hotel pools and higher-end homes, glass panel fencing is not an out of reach option. They are made of the highest quality safety class available today, so there is little danger of breakage or cracking.  Designed to provide security and view protection, glass panels come in 3 different installation formats.

  • Framed - This installation requires a standard top and bottom horizontal supports and posts.
  • Semi Frameless - This installation requires a post support only.
  • Frameless -This installation requires a method of stabilization that uses 3" to 4" spigots secured to the ground with the glass fitted into these small ground braces.

With all of these fence options, be sure to include the following features:

Spring hinged gates that automatically close once you enter or exit the pool area. This will prevent accidents.

A solid locking system that will prevent uninvited guests from using your pool when you are not at home or unable to monitor pool traffic.