5 Popular Deck Railing Options

Deck railing will not only allow you to define your deck space, but ensures that the area remains safe by preventing falling. With so many railing options available on the market, you'll want to consider every choice in terms of both durability and aesthetics. This will ensure that your deck and garden is cohesive and meets your needs in respect of the design.

1 – Iron   

Iron is an ideal material to use for deck railing as it can be manipulated into a number of different shapes and styles, while still retaining its strength. In addition to deciding on the space between the posts, you can also vary the design by adding links between them. Similarly, shapes can be used for the purpose of linking the posts and the posts themselves can be formed into different shapes. With this option, you can be assured of a fence that will last for years to come.   

2 – Stone

Utilizing stone to build a deck railing will ensure a solid and stable barrier to cordon off the area. From granite to limestone blocks, many different types of stone are available to create different looks. Stone will be easy to maintain and will stand up to all weather conditions.    

3 – Wood

Wooden fences can be a versatile option for deck railings due to the number of different types of wood available. The natural color and grain of the wood can add to the look or, alternately, you can paint the wood to match your exterior color scheme. No matter how it is decorated, you should always weather treat wood to prevent mold, mildew and rotting. A traditional style wood railing would feature upper and lower borders linked by vertical posts. This simple design still provides an effective barrier. Custom railings can be created with the use of carving and engraving to create a unique design.  

4 – Aluminum

Making use of aluminum as part of the deck railings will allow you to use it in combination with other materials. For example, aluminum rods can be fitted horizontally into wooden posts to create a ladder style design. This can be a relatively cheap way to finish off a deck and can often be purchased in kit that can be installed as part of a do-it-yourself project.  

5 – Glass

Using glass as part of a deck railing can help you to achieve a stylish and modern look for the deck. It will prevent the view of the garden and surrounding area being obscured for those using the deck. Similarly, it can help to make the space look bigger by allowing light to flow. Safety glass should be obtained to reduce the risk of any accidents.