5 Pros and Cons of Purchasing Remanufactured Transmissions

the transmission on a red motorcycle

Re-manufactured transmissions have a variety of benefits that the consumer on a budget will be able to enjoy. Of course, these rebuilt parts may have some drawbacks as well. As a savvy consumer, and someone who needs their car in proper working order as quickly as possible, it is good idea to look into buying rebuilt before spending more money on a new transmission.

Pros of Choosing Re-manufactured Transmissions

  • Cost is one of the major reasons that people choose to use re-manufactured transmissions rather than buying new. In many cases, buying one that is re-manufactured can save many hundreds of dollars. If you have the know-how to install the unit yourself, you will not even have to pay a shop to do it for you. Of course, if you have limited knowledge about vehicles, you should take your car or truck to a trusted mechanic.
  • When you purchase a re-manufactured transmission, you will find that all of the parts in the transmission are updated with the latest pieces and fittings. When buying a new transmission, you have no way of guaranteeing that the parts are the latest. The transmission may simply be one that the company has had in stock. While it is new, meaning that it has never been used in a vehicle, it might not have the latest upgrades.
  • Many of the companies that offer these transmissions also offer a warranty. The minimum warranty that you should accept when searching for a rebuilt transmission is a 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty that covers 100% of the parts and labor. If you find a rebuilt transmission that is less expansive than others are, but does not have a warranty, you should not purchase it. If something were to go wrong with the transmission then you would have no recourse and have to spend even more money on repairs.

The Cons of Choosing Re-manufactured Transmissions

  • One of the major cons of choosing a re-manufactured transmission is that the warranty will not be as lengthy as if you were to buy a new transmission. However, as long as you buy a re-manufactured part through a trusted source and have it installed properly, this should not become an issue.
  • Another con of getting a re-manufactured transmission is that you do not always know if the unit has been through proper testing. If the company that rebuilt the transmission does not do proper testing, you have no way of telling if the unit is in proper working condition until you have it in your vehicle. When buying a rebuilt transmission, make sure that the company has testing done on the products before shipping.

The benefits of choosing a re-manufactured transmission far outweigh the drawbacks. As long as you find a professional company that has a good reputation, tests their products on a regular basis and stands behind them with a good, solid warranty, you should have no trouble when buying re-manufactured.