3 Reasons to Consider Copper Ceiling Tiles

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Copper has long been used as a decorative item, and copper ceiling tiles are certainly decorative. Add to that their flexibility in design and style, and they can be used in almost any room. Here are 3 reasons to consider copper ceiling tiles.

Reason 1—Durability

Because copper is a metal, it has great longevity. It does not rust, it weathers well, and it can either be kept polished or allowed to form a beautiful patina. You can even get copper tiles that have a clear lacquer, which means no polishing for you and no tarnishing for the tiles.

Reason 2Variety

There is a lot of room for expression and personal taste when working with copper tiles. From flowers, vines, nameplates, and geometric patterns, unique designs are also readily available.

Reason 3—Value

Copper ceiling tiles add both dollar value and aesthetic value to your house. If you install them right the first time, you will never have to concern yourself with replacing your ceiling tiles, and since copper gets more beautiful with age, they will only increase in value.