5 Reasons to Get a Framing Nail Gun

Spring and summer home repair seasons are right around the corner and you’re considering buying a framing nail gun to help you with your projects. This article will help you make your decision by listing five reasons why you should by that framing nail gun.

Reason #1 - Big Sales are Coming

As stated earlier, the spring and summer home repair and improvement seasons are right around the corner. All of the major retailers that carry nail guns know this. They want your business, so they’re going to be some very good sale prices on tools in the coming weeks.

Reason #2 - No More Smashed Thumbs

It always seems to happen. You’ve come to the last nail to hammer home with your old hammer and that’s when you smash the hammer down on your thumb instead of the nail you’re trying to drive. Either that, or it’s the first nail and then you have to deal with the swollen and painful thumb for the whole project. With an air powered framing nail gun, that won’t happen anymore. This is because the framing nail gun holds the nails for you. You don’t have to touch the nails except to load them when you run out. This keeps all of your fingers safe.

Reason #3 - Faster Nail Driving

Nail guns are designed to fully drive nails in one try. You place the nail gun safety shoe firmly against the work surface being secured, hold it firmly down, pull the trigger, and as long as you hold it against the piece during the recoil, you’ll have a fully driven nail every time you try. No more will you have to go around and double check to make sure that all of your nails have been fully driven. This means you’ll get much more work done in the same amount of time.

Reason #4 - Ease of Use

As stated before, using a nail gun is fairly simple as long as common sense safety measures are followed. Because you don’t have to continually pound each nail multiple times to fully drive it into the wood, you’ll get much more work done in much less time. Driving a nail with a hammer takes at least a minute per nail. That is dropped to about 5 seconds per nail with a framing nail gun.

Reason #5 - Decreased Fatigue

A nail gun may be somewhat heavier than even the biggest framing hammer, but the motions used when using a nail gun are more natural and easier to do over a long period of time. With a hammer, you are swinging your arm at the elbow repeatedly and applying major force to those swings. You’re also generating a massive shockwave that travels throughout your body with each impact. This shockwave has been shown to increase fatigue rates by up to factors of 5. With a nail gun, used properly, it’s a simple up and down motion, with a trigger pull following each downward motion.

You now have five reasons why you should go out and buy a framing nail gun in order to complete the projects you’ve been busy listing for the past few months. One word of caution is in order, whenever using a tool of this sort, it’s imperative that you wear safety glasses