5 Reasons to Keep a Rubber Mallet in Your Car

Owning a rubber mallet can prove useful for a variety of different reasons around the home, mainly in the course of do-it-yourself projects. However, it can also be useful to know how you can benefit from keeping a mallet in your car.


Any camping trip will require the use of such a great number of items that there is bound to be something that gets forgotten, with this often being the tools necessary to erect a tent. Even if you use a ‘pop-up’ tent, it will still be necessary to anchor it to the ground to prevent movement. Keeping a rubber mallet in your car will prevent the problem of not being able to put the tent up properly. The stakes that hold the anchor ropes of the tent will often need to be hammered into the ground to secure them and this is easily done with a mallet.


The process of simply being on the road can bring with it a whole host of hazards without you even needing to do anything to cause it. There may be occasions when you suffer damage to your car which can hinder the operation of it and a rubber mallet can be used to rectify this. Use a mallet on the bodywork of the car if the wheel arch has been caved in, this will be sufficient to allow the tires to rotate until a full repair can be undertaken. Similarly, unsightly dents in the hood, roof or boot of the car can be hammered out by using the mallet on the reverse of the damaged surface.


Similarly, if your car has suffered a prang that has caused damage to the fender, but it remains drivable, a rubber mallet can be used to rectify it enough so that the car can be moved to a different location. The mallet can be used to apply enough pressure to allow you to fix it back into place or into a position where you can tie it off securely.               

Changing Tire

Though changing a tire may seem like a straight forward task, it can be made more difficult if the nuts that hold it in place are stiff. After lifting and securing the car at the point of the tire to be changed, position the tire iron or torque wrench so that it is firmly fitted around the nut. The rubber mallet can then be used to apply pressure to the handle in order to force the nut to become loose. This will help to start the process and get to a point where you can continue levering the handle manually.


A mallet will be useful to help with any refurbishment work that is being undertaken with the car. Fitting parts such as dashboards and seats will be necessary whether you are rebuilding a car or undertaking a straight replacement, and the tool can help in this regard. Any car parts that prove stiff or difficult to install, such as window operation levers or hub caps can be aided with the use of a mallet.