5 Reasons to Lay Astroturf in Your Backyard

Astroturf, or what is considered as fake grass, is a natural-looking alternative for residential landscapes. Although the name Astroturf is a brand name, the moniker is also used to reference any grass that is artificial in nature. Originally, the fake grass was invented by the Monsanto Company way back in 1965. Used primarily on football and baseball fields, it is now used for residential lawns. So, what are the benefits of laying this form of turf in your own backyard?

#1 - The Grass is Long-lasting

Astroturf is a durable turf that lasts for as long as 25 years. Therefore, you do not have to worry about replacing it for some time. You can landscape your yard then and really not put out any more expense for several decades. If you have an active family that enjoys, volleyball, for example, or a golfer that likes to practice his putting, then a lawn made of Astroturf is an ideal selection.

#2 - Forget About Weeding Your Yard with Astroturf

With natural grass, you always have to concern yourself with weeds, such as dandelions, invading your landscape. Using Astroturf is helpful to the environment as you don't have to apply any weed killers on your lawn to keep it looking lush and well-maintained. Therefore, you can forego using any toxic chemicals.

#3 - The Grass is a Safe Choice for Your Children and Pets

Since you don't have to apply any harmful chemicals, your lawn will be safer for your children and pets. This type of lawn is also better than natural grass for cushioning any falls. You do not have to contend with the holes or ruts that can occur when you have a natural lawn either.

#4 – Seeding, Fertilizing  and Watering Your Lawn are Not Necessary

Also, with Astroturf, you do not have to seed any bare spots on your lawn. You can enjoy a healthy, nicely kept lawn year-round. In addition, you can conserve a great deal of water as well. Astroturf does not need watering. As a result, you'll save on your water bill. Nor is fertilization required. Therefore, costs in the aforementioned areas are significantly reduced.

#5 - You Don't Have to Cut the Grass!

Probably the number one reason, although it is listed last here, for installing a lawn made of Astroturf is that you can spend more time on leisure activities as you don't have to cut the grass. You also don't have to spend the extra money required to buy gasoline for your lawnmower or exert the extra energy that is needed to pick up/dispose of grass clippings. Maintenance and costs are both reduced when you have a lawn made of Astroturf.

If you want to conserve water, cut back on the use of chemicals and save money, then installing a lawn made of Astroturf or synthetic grass is a smart choice. Use the extra energy and time for relaxing and having fun with your friends and family.