5 Reasons Triple Track Storm Windows are Perfect for Old Homes

Windows are notorious for losing bundles of heat from your home. Triple track storm windows are more advantageous to older homes compared to single or double track alternatives. Old glass windows have limited insulation value and good windows can act as a passive form of solar energy.

Draft Protection

Older homes are highly likely to be far more drafty and less energy efficient than newer built homes. Older homes do not have the advantage of proper insulation that newer homes have. Even if the older home does have some form of insulation it may well be worn out or much thinner than a newer house. This will make the whole home seem very chilly and drafty. Triple track storm windows will have a much higher level of insulation and can offer solid protection during a heavy storm and can minimize damage from flying debris. Adding triple track storm windows is advantageous in older homes because they can double the R-Value in single pane windows when fitted to the exterior.


Triple track storm windows are multi-layered windows that can be attached to the outside of your regular house windows. The frame consists of three tracks that encompass three separate sashes that slide upward and downward. Two of the sashes contain glass. These are usually the outer and middle tracks. The inner sash contains a weather screen. If they are made of aluminum you can paint over that surface. Simply wash the aluminum down thoroughly and you can paint the frame of the triple track storm window to match the color of the window frames of your home.


Triple track storm windows are thought to be more versatile than double track storm windows. Double track windows have an inner track of glass but the outer track is shared by the second glass sash and the weather screen sash, making them less insulating and less eco-friendly.


There are various materials that can be used to construct triple track storm windows and they are suitable for adding to any home. They are particularly suitable for older homes because many older homes will have either wooden windows or aluminum windows depending on how old the home is. Vinyl is not so common in older homes unless they are already replacement windows. So, choosing new triple track storm windows for your older homes offers you the option of buying windows which will keep the character of your home.

Energy Savings

For houses built before 1940 the windows were a lot smaller and therefore the homes were slightly more energy efficient compared to houses built between then and the 1970’s. Houses in the 1970's are very badly lined and insulated and are dreadfully drafty. They were built from timber frame and built very quickly, whereas older houses have more character, insulation and warmth. Triple track storm windows are best suited to old houses because they actually help the home keep as energy efficient as an old house. They add insulation to the windows with the triple glazing, keeping heat in.