5 Remodeling Ideas for Sliding Closet Doors

Sliding closet doors are typically stale and boring to look at. Many of these doors are painted one color, made out of cheap wood and just kind of sit there begging you to give it a closet door makeover. You can makeover sliding closet doors without even removing them from their tracks. There are probably hundreds of things you can do to make sliding closet doors look better. The article that follows will provide you with several ideas you can use or expand upon to complete a closet door makeover.

Another Shade of Paint

One of the simplest things you can do to sliding closet doors is paint them. They are typically either white or bare wood when you originally purchase them. A quality latex-based paint looks great on the doors. You can even try to white wash the sliding closet doors. This is also fairly inexpensive and can be done in an hour or two.

Alice in Wonderland

This much beloved story can be the basis for a design of your sliding closet doors. Paint doors a solid color of your choosing, then hang a full length mirror on the main door. Add elements from the books to the rest of the doors. Use stencils or paint freehand to add trees, giant mushrooms and the like. If you are feeling daring you can add more characters from the story to the door.

Molding the Sliding Closet Doors

Textured sliding closet doors are not often found but you can count this as one possible closet door makeover that can really change your doors. Choose a molding that has some design elements to it but is still relatively flat. If you use a chunky molding you run the risk of it catching on the second door. Glue or nail the molding to the sliding closet doors as either a frame or in strips. You can also paint the molding a contrasting color to make the sliding closet doors more striking.

Stenciled Elegance

For a more mature look, go with the classic and elegant black on white. Paint the doors stark white. Create or purchase stencils in the shape of flowers or tribal tattoo designs. Use black paint to stencil the tribal tattoo designs on the doors. When they have dried you can then stencil on the flowers. This makes the design look like flowers with vines or thorns.

Folding Shelves and Mirror

Closet doors are a logical place to install a mirror or shelving. First, paint the sliding closet doors one solid color. Then attach a mirror, full length or half-height in size. You can purchase shelves at home stores that fold relatively flat. Choose one you like and attach it, following the directions, to the front door near the top of the mirror. Place makeup and other health and body supplies on the shelf.