5 Safety Requirements to Keep in Mind When Using a Bead Blaster

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A bead blaster uses small plastic or glass beads to help strip paint and other materials off of hard surfaces. These blasters can also be used to clean a variety of items and fixtures in and around the home. While a bead blaster is an effective and useful tool, there are also a number of dangers that are associated with this tool. Because of the risks involved, it should really only be used by trained professionals. If you're curious about the most important safety considerations, these are some of the most important.

1. Wear Protective Gear

One of the most important things to keep in mind whenever you plan to operate a bead blaster is that the beads can be very harmful in a number of ways. In order to protect yourself, you should wear gloves, a strong set of goggles or a mask to cover your eyes, and a mask to cover your mouth. You will want to cover your body to ensure that you don't inhale any of the byproducts of the operation. It's also a good idea to cover as much of your skin as possible. Do not bead blast while wearing shorts or short sleeved shirts.

2. Noise Concerns

Many bead blasters operate at a very high volume. This can cause damage to your ears and may result in hearing loss for you and anyone else who is in the immediate vicinity. Be sure to wear ear plugs or protective ear muffs as you work. It is a good idea to provide anyone else who is in the area with the same items as well.

3. Equipment Safety

Before you begin to use the bead blaster, take a moment to ensure that all of the connections and hoses are properly set up. It's also important for you to confirm that there are no blockages or other problems with these connectors and hoses because this may result in an explosion or another malfunction of the bead blaster. Make sure that you always check the blaster when the power is off and set in safety mode.

4. Targeting

Avoid using a bead blaster in any area in which there are children, pets, or anyone else that may come in the way of the blast. Always use the bead blaster in a clear and open area. Avoid pointing the blaster anywhere, except downward or at the items that you are working on.

5. Proper Disposal

When you've finished blasting, it's also important that you dispose of all of the waste and biproducts of the operation in the correct way. Thoroughly clean the area and dispose of the waste according to the laws of your area. Consult with a representative at your local home improvement center for more information about waste disposal. It is very important to get rid of the waste properly so that you do not cause environmental damage.