5 Sidewalk Landscaping Ideas

Sidewalk landscaping offers a whole range of possibilities. You need to keep good access to the sidewalk so people can walk easily, but beyond that you have a blank canvas for you. Your sidewalk landscaping can be utilitarian or you can make it into a wild display of color. Both have their advantages.

1 - Bushes

Planting bushes as your sidewalk landscaping is a simple solution. All you need to do is plant the bushes, making sure you allow enough space for each one to grow over the years, then water them and trim them when needed. Depending on the type of bushes you choose, you’ll gain some privacy from the sidewalk to the yard, and can also have a good display of flowers at certain times of the year.

This is an easy option, although you do have to make sure to water regularly. Beyond that the maintenance is minimal, giving you time to focus on other things around the house and yard.

2 - Hedge

A hedge is very simple sidewalk landscaping. It brings you privacy, offers birds somewhere to nest, and takes very little work. Like bushes, simply plant at intervals and allow the hedge to grow. Trim it annually, and that’s virtually all you need to do.

3 - Drought Planting

Drought planting is something that’s becoming more common in sidewalk landscaping. It’s using plants that rarely need water for your landscaping. These are plants that occur mostly in dry, almost desert conditions so they’re very drought tolerant. The advantage to this is that you rarely need to water; if you forget, the plants aren’t going to die. That doesn’t mean they’ll look dry and dusty. You can still achieve a lovely display of plants and foliage, and some of them will flower wonderfully.

4 - Cottage Garden

The English cottage garden makes for elaborate sidewalk landscaping, but the effect can stunning. It takes plenty of work and a good eye for design. If you’re willing to put in the time, in about 5 years you’ll have one of the most impressive gardens on the block.

The secrets involve matching colors and keeping plants flowering in different areas and combination from spring into late autumn. You also need to catch the eye with the design, having taller plants at the rear with smaller flowers close to the sidewalk. To make a good cottage garden you really need knowledge about plants and what will work best in your particular climate. It’s the kind of consuming passion that ideal for those who love to garden and have plenty of time to devote to their hobby.

5 - Grass

For some people just having grass all the way to the sidewalk is ample sidewalk landscaping. It doesn’t need much work. All you have to do is cut the grass and edge it with a weed whacker. If the rest of your landscape is lawn then this will fit in easily. It gives you more room to play and the advantage is that it leaves you ample time for other projects that are more important to you.