5 Small Bathroom Layout Tips

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A small bathroom layout doesn’t offer much room for redesigning options. You need to make the best of the space you have available. In large cities, especially, where space is at a premium, smaller homes tend to get built to accommodate the masses. Redesigning a small bathroom requires plenty of imagination.


Purchase a slightly smaller sink and vanity unit to offer the room a little more space. Some vanity units are too large and take up far too much space.


You can remove the vanity unit altogether and just having a pedestal sink. For cupboard space, you can have a medicine cabinet on the wall and perhaps another corner cupboard for the cleaning materials.


Install a shower to replace the bath. Many people don’t use their bath except to stand up to take a shower. Taking the bath out and having a shower or wet room will give your bathroom far more space.

Using Space

Utilize the space properly. If you have a small recess where the toilet would be better suited, situate it there instead, leaving more floor area.


If you are intent on keeping the bath, you can opt to replace it for a slightly smaller unit. Some baths are far too shallow, but you don’t have to compromise on depth. You can buy a regular depth, shorter bath.