5 Smart Tech Products for Gardeners

smiling man checking his smartphone in a garden with large tomato plants

Smart products have made their way into the garden in a variety of different capacities. Gift shopping for the green thumb in your life was never this easy. Take a look at these nifty tech gadgets on Amazon that can significantly ratchet up your garden game and keep yourself two steps ahead of "the Jones's."

Weeding Robot

While there may be a select few who actually enjoy the zen of weeding, we're not of those select few, so we're always looking for a way to ease the pain. Thankfully, there's the Weeding Robot from Tertill for those of us who want to enjoy the fruits of someone else's (robot) labor. It's not all "no work," though, since you'll have to do the prep and start with a weed-free space, 'cuz that cute little bot doesn't actually pull the weeds. Rather, it prevents them from taking hold by tilling the soil with special wheels.

It's solar-powered so you don't have to worry about charging it up, and advanced sensors give it the smarts to distinguish weeds from desirable plants. For this kind of ease, you'll have to pay, and the Weeding Robot does not come cheap. It's pricey, but once you connect with the app for easy maintenance, you may find it's worth it now that you've got the time to do pretty much anything else more interesting than weeding.

underside of a gray and green weeding robot

Weeding Robot from Tertill on Amazon

Sprinkle the Smart Way

We all know how important it is to conserve water not just to save money, but to help our planet. Don't get caught watering in the rain with the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller. It's compatible with Alexa and has smart weather technology that allows you to skip days that are rainy, windy, or freezing. The app is easy to use and gives you complete control to activate sprinklers, monitor water usage, and schedule watering based on the requirements of your lawn. Installation is quick and doesn't require any specialized tools.

sprinkle system controler

Rachio 3 8 Zone Smart Sprinkler Controller on Amazon

Robotic Lawn Mower

If you're a diehard lawn lover and haven't yet converted to a lawn alternative, we salute your dedication to tradition and passion for hard work, because we know how hard it is to maintain that verdant lushness throughout the year. Increasing temps may make you want to sit in the shade instead of walking behind the lawn mower, but why break a sweat when you can send the Husqvarna Automower to do the work for you.

It's perfect for small to medium sized yards (sorry sprawling ranch owners) and has a nice quiet motor to not disturb the neighbors. It comes with guide wires to keep it within set boundaries, and is equipped with Lift & Tilt sensors and automatic shutoff for increased safety around children and pets.

automated lawn mower

Husqvarna Automower on Amazon

Weatherproof Smart Plug

If outdoor living at home is just your style, you'll probably want to invest in an Outdoor Smart Plug/Surge Protector. It has 4 outlets you can connect to 4 different appliances, since we know that just because you're outside doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the comforts of your indoor space, so go ahead and bring out the big screen tv, sound systems, mini fridge, and ambient lighting.

This smart plug is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, and comes with app/voice control. Schedule timers from your phone. Made of fire proof material and created in a splash proof design, this plug is also weatherproof. If only the rest of our lives came with such safeguards. At under $30, this moderately priced outlet makes outdoor living comfortable and convenient.

waterproof mult-cord plug device

Outdoor Smart Plug/Surge Protector on Amazon

Smart Weather Station

Anyone can look outside and say it's raining, but some of us want to be able to give you the wind speed, humidity, "feels like" temperature, and number of days since the last rain. That's why we love this AcuRite Wireless Home Station that can give you stats on your indoor and outdoor environment. Access the information via your smartphone: weather alerts, historical data, and even join a network of personal weather stations around the world. Both wired and wifi setup available.

flat panel weather prediction display

AcuRite Wireless Home Station on Amazon

It takes a lot of work to build a garden, but once you've created it, there are a variety of tools out there to help you spend less time maintaining and more time enjoying.

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