5 Steps to a Fully Loaded Laundry Room

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Laundry rooms tend to be small, dark, and dreary. However, many laundry rooms are making their way to the main floors and sections of the house, with multi-purpose uses. With as much time as you spend doing laundry, make it as enjoyable as possible by creating a space you love.

Step 1 - Create Super Storage

Top-of-the-line laundry rooms look much like kitchens, with excessive cabinetry and tons of storage. While this may not be necessary, the space can be used to store many other items such as out-of-season clothing, ironing boards, laundry supplies, and spare hangers. Extra cabinets can also be used to store other items such as sporting gear, arts and crafts, and cleaning supplies. With so much extra storage, there will be plenty of space to store items that would otherwise be found in your mudroom, office, or just around the house creating clutter.

Shelving can come in handy for storing recently folded laundry like sheets and towels. Small plants can also take residence on extra shelving on a regular basis or in the cold winter months.

Step 2 - Design Counter Space

No laundry room is complete without tons of counter space. One counter won’t do if you have an entire household of laundry to keep track of, and nobody likes folding laundry on the couch, bed, or in an alternate space because the counter is full in the laundry room. Plenty of counter space creates plenty of room for sorting laundry before washing, and folding it after. Scrubbing stains, sorting, and folding can all be done on counter tops.

Step 3 - Install a Sink

Installing a large utility sink in your laundry room is super useful, as it allows you to clean the clothing, shoes, and tools you might otherwise not want to put in your kitchen sink. Soak sports uniforms, stained work clothes, or other clothing with tough stains before throwing it into the washing machine. Rinse art and craft supplies in the same sink--from painting palettes to aprons and sponges--before storing them away in all your extra cabinets. Having a sink in your laundry room saves time, travel across the house, and helps to keep the other sinks in the house spic and span.

step 4 - Plan for Awesome Lighting

Many laundry rooms are found in basements and dark places with inadequate lighting. A fully loaded laundry room, however, must have bright lighting that creates a well-lit and positive workspace. Whether you’re using the laundry room for storage, art, or just laundry—proper lighting is essential. In bad lighting, clothing stains can easily go unnoticed, which defeats the purpose of the laundry world. In order to use your fully loaded laundry room to its fullest potential, adequate lighting is completely necessary.

Lights mounted to the wall or ceiling may provide the best lighting since they don’t take up any counter space. This also keeps the heat of the laps away from any clothing, keeping your laundry room a bit safer. Depending on the size of your laundry room, install a light every 8 feet or so, which will provide the best overall lighting in the room.

Step 5 - Include Entertainment

People spend so many hours in their laundry rooms—why not keep yourself occupied by having something to watch or listen to? Put a television in the laundry room to watch while you are folding or cleaning. Find a small shelf for an iPod and some speakers so you can listen to your favorite radio station, whether online or the local radio.