5 Steps to Replace Raised Floor Panels

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What You'll Need
What You'll Need

Replacing missing or warped raised floor panels is a very easy project for anyone to complete. Raised floor systems are those which are lifted slightly off the floor to allow cables and pipes to pass easily underneath. They tend to be susceptible to damage. With the right tools and materials, you will be able to easily replace raised floor panels.

Inspecting the Floor

The first thing that you will need to do is inspect the state of your raised floor. Decide whether individual floor panels need to be replaced or if the whole floor needs some attention. Move the furniture out of the room so that you can decide exactly how many panels need replacing. Replacing more than one panel now will be much easier, as you are already lifting up one of the panels anyway.

Lifting up the Floor Panels

Once you have identified which panels need to be lifted, it’s then time to remove them. The method of doing this will vary, depending on the type of raised floor you are using in your room. Sometimes these panels simply lift out, whereas other times they need to be unscrewed or unbolted before they can be removed.

If you're not sure how to do this you need to spend time figuring it out. Perhaps you can find the answer in your installation manual, assuming you still have it.

Buying Replacement Panels

Now you need to buy replacement floor panels. You will find this easiest when replacing like for like. Measure the floor panels so that you can buy the right type to fit the floor. Concentrate on not only the measurements but also the thickness.

Replacement panels can be purchased from many sources. If you are having trouble locating a supplier you could always make your own.

Replacing Panels

Now it's time to replace the panels on the floor. Do this by following the same procedure you used to remove them in the first place. Repeat this as many times as necessary until the damaged panels have been removed and replaced.

Cleaning the Floor

Once your new raised floor panels are in place it’s time to give the whole floor a good clean-up. This will make the rest of the floor look as good as new. It will also help to remove any fingerprints that you may have accidentally left on the tiles when you picked them up.

The cleaning materials that you will use will depend on the material of your flooring tile. Stainless steel raised flooring tiles, for example, should not be cleaned with an abrasive cleaner. Specialist stainless steel cleaners are available for this task.