5 Steps to Replacing an RV Vent Cover

What You'll Need
New vent cover
A helper
Tool belt and various tools

An RV is a great vehicle for the type of person or family that loves to visit different places and explore. It gives you the freedom to come and go as you please, to enjoy the nature and wildlife preserves throughout the country. You feel like you have a home away from home all the time.

RV roof vent covers do so much for your camper. They prevent cold air from dropping into the RV unexpectedly. They prevent rain and other extreme weather conditions from penetrating your camper. When the cover is open, it provides rooftop ventilation. This article explains how you can replace your vent cover.

Step 1 Purchase the Correct Replacement Cover

At a location that sells RV parts, purchase the correct replacement cover. Most covers are 14 inches long and 14 inches deep. In order to purchase the right cover, take a picture of the hinge of the original cover. The hinge is usually the determining factor on the type of cover you need. Take this picture with you when you go shopping. Ask the clerk to help you select the appropriate cover.

Step 2 – Park Your RV

Put your RV in park, preferably in your own driveway. Turn off the engine and allow it to cool down.

Step 3 – Place Your Ladder

Extend the ladder and rest it against the side of your camper. Lean it against your RV at an angle and make sure it is secure on the ground. If your ladder has spikes, drive the spikes into the ground to help secure the ladder in place. Otherwise, have someone help hold the ladder for you to keep it steady.

Step 4 – Remove the Old Cover

Put on your tool belt. Climb the ladder to the top until you can reach the cover. Carefully remove the pins on the hinge. (Note: Some covers do not have hinges. In that case, consult your manufacturer's guide.)

After removing the pins, straighten the tab. You will see that the tabs go directly into the vent. Once you straighten the tabs, you will be able to remove the vent cover or lid.

Throw the old parts down on the ground so they are completely out of the way. When you climb down, you can pick them up or take them with you.

Step 5 – Add the New Vent Cover

Line your new vent cover up with the straightened tabs. Insert the vent cover slots carefully along the straight tabs. Close the tabs as you originally found them. Then add the pins to the hinge that you originally removed. Tighten the pins slightly, without stripping the exterior coating.

Now enjoy your new RV vent cover during your next excursion.