5 Stylish Deck Stain Colors to Consider

One of the improvements made in outdoor living recently is the ability to choose different deck stain colors. These colors give homeowners a much needed release from the same old look to what decks, sheds, fences and siding could have. Solid deck stain does not allow for the grain of the wood to show through, but if you are using a traditional treated wood, there is not of a grain to look at. Using colors in the way that you protect, and design, your outdoor living space is something that many people have embraced and applauded. If you have a deck that would benefit from deck stain colors, here are a few that you can choose from.

Deep Red Tones

If you have a home that is set in the countryside, or has a lot of trees and a woodsy environment, then a deep red tone to your deck stain will present a great contrast. This type of shade has been in use for many years and there are a lot of homes today that still have great decks because of this deck stain color.

Earthy Orange Tones

Again, for those homes that are set along the hills and woods in the surrounding countryside will look great with a splash on an earthy orange tone to their deck stain. This will be especially breathtaking when it comes to the fall foliage. Your outdoor living space will not only be a place where you can entertain outside, but give you a feel that you are situated in the middle of it all. This deck stain color can be found in many different paint suppliers and home centers.

Rustic Browns and Greens

There are some homeowners who want to bring a piece of the country into their suburban homes. By incorporating some colors like a rustic looking brown, or low greens, you can easily add some country living to your non-country home. This color will depend on the type of siding color you have also, but they will generally fit right in with any of the darker colors.

Yellow Hues

If you have a small sized outdoor deck that you want to add some protective color to, then look at some of the mid-range yellow hues. You do not want to have anything too bright, but a mid-range yellow color will add to the deck by making you feel as if it is a part of the you overall flower garden.

Colors to Stay away from

When working with deck stain colors you always want to keep it so that you will not feel like you have to clean it all of the time. Whites and blacks are going to do just that. You are also not going to want to incorporate any bright colors that are going to reflect a lot of the sun back up into the eyes of your family and guests. These bright colors will also attract many pesky bugs and crawling insects. Keep your deck stain colors to the colors that are in the mid level of brightness and will incorporate your outdoor living area into the surrounding areas.