5 Things to Look for When Buying Used Diesel Cars

When buying used diesel cars, there are things you must consider so that the vehicle that you will choose will be cost-effective and not a waste of money. Buying a new car may often be the best choice for people who want to get rid of the hassle of too many unexpected repairs. New cars also have higher fuel efficiency and their engines run smoothly. However, you must ponder on these features which are actually the advantages of new cars over older ones. Here are the things you should look for when shopping for used cars with diesel engines.

Smooth Engine

When the car is about to start, the noise should be not that loud (though louder than that of a car that runs on gasoline). The louder the sound of the engine, the rougher it gets, and the more repairs it will need. Ask for a test drive, and pay attention to how it responds when you are going uphill or over bumpy roads. The engine of the car is its life. If it has been poorly maintained, there's a chance you will have to replace it.


Diesel cars have darker emissions than gasoline cars, but you must still consider the color of the car's smoke. Usually, you will only be able to catch a glimpse of the dark smoke as soon as it starts and not during prolonged time. Avoid buying cars that spew off dark or black smoke, as that means too much particulate are present.


Some people may think it as vanity to linger too much on the exterior of the car. However, it is actually very highly probable that owners who are too protective and vain about their cars’ exterior often are more careful in maintaining the interiors/engines of their cars, as well. Check for scratches or repaired or repainted spots that could give you a clue if it was just made to look better than it really is.


Check the interior of the car for signs of rust or foul odor when you turn on the air-conditioning system. These things may give you a clue if the car had been flooded or left to rot for a bit before the owner decided to sell it.

Check also if there are dents, holes and cracks that may tell you that it had been used excessively, like as a delivery vehicle. This will indicate that the engine was overworked by the previous owner.


The mileage of the car is a measure how much the car has been used. You could be very lucky to come across cars that have low mileage. Take note, however, that owners or shop proprietors may alter the odometer to reflect a reduced car mileage.