5 Tips and Techniques for Using Pull-Behind Leaf Sweepers

Keeping your lawn and garden free from unwanted items is easily accomplished with a leaf sweeper. Not only will it pick up a leaf pile, it can also clean up nuts, twigs and grass clippings; eliminating any need to have to pick these items up manually. They are easy to use items and they can save you a lot of time and energy, as well as protecting your lawn mower blades from damage from the debris.

Tip 1: Read Your User’s Manual

All brands of leaf sweepers will be similar, but some will have functions or features that others may not have. The first thing you should always do when planning on using a new device is read the user’s manual to find out everything that it can and cannot do and how those functions are completed. This will help you plan how and when you will like to go over your lawn.

Tip 2: Make Sure to Go Over Your Entire Lawn

You should use your leaf sweeper before you mow your lawn, as the sweeper will pick up items that could cause harm to your mower. When you use it, make sure that you go over your entire lawn with it to make sure you pick up all scattered Debris

Another benefit from going over the whole lawn is that the brush on the sweeper will push up almost every blade of grass as it goes. That way when you go back over your lawn with your mower, you will be able to get a nice, even cut.

Tip 3: Work Your Way to the Middle

If you have a large yard and would have to dump the debris from your collecting bag several times as you work, try this tip. Remove the collecting bag from your leaf sweeper and start at the outer parts of your lawn. Work in a circle, with the debris thrown toward the middle of the lawn. Each time you finish a revolution, go a little closer to the center and continue sweeping.

After you have almost finished doing your lawn, most of the debris should be in the center. Get a rake and rake up the majority of the debris and discard it or compost it accordingly. Then attach the collecting bag back to your sweeper and sweep over the rest, picking up the rest of the debris in the collecting bag. Doing this step should save you time and energy from having to empty your collecting bag several times.

Tip 4: Cover the Area Twice

To make sure that you did not miss any debris from your first sweep over your lawn, go over it again, making sure that you keep your collecting bag on. By going over your lawn again, you will pick up anything that you had missed.

Tip 5: Sweep it Often

Sweep over your yard at least once a week to maintain it. Your yard will look better and it will be less work than waiting and doing it once every other month.