5 Tips for a Garage Storage Cabinet Design

Organized garage with shelving and cabinets
  • 1-20 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-2,000

A garage is often a messy and disorganized place, but you can tidy it up in no time with a garage storage cabinet or multiple cabinets. Arranging the garage may seem like a daunting task because there are so many things you could put inside a garage storage cabinet. You can buy a garage storage cabinet at any home or department store but you can also make them yourself. The article that follows will help you determine what you can put inside a garage storage cabinet, where you can put it, and many options available within them.

1. Size Does Matter

Picking up a garage storage cabinet to store specific items just to get it home to determine it is not large enough could be a potential problem. On the other hand it can also be something good because there is always a use for a garage storage cabinet no matter its size. A tall garage storage cabinet is perfect for tools like a weed whacker or paint sprayer while smaller garage storage cabinets are better suited for small tools like drills, saws and screwdrivers.

2. Pegboard in the Garage Storage Cabinet

pegboard filled with tools

Pegboard is a very popular item in many garages because it allows you to organize many of your tools within reach of the work area. You can buy a garage storage cabinet that already has a pegboard in it or you can modify the cabinet and add your own. This will allow you to store many of your hand-held tools in one area. If you wish to be very organized you can place the tool in the garage storage cabinet and then trace them with a permanent marker. This way, if someone uses the tools, they will know exactly where they belong so your garage remains in order.

3. Chemical Storage

If you work on cars or do painting around the home then you will most likely have many chemicals. Some of these can include gas, oil, mineral spirits, or turpentine. All of these chemicals are hazardous and potentially flammable. A garage storage cabinet is perfect to store these in. You can lock the cabinet, insulate it with fireproof materials, drill holes in the metal so the vapors can escape and place it in a far corner of the garage.

4. Finding a Home

Empty small garage with workbench and cabinets

A garage storage cabinet can be rather large and finding a place to put it can prove difficult. A garage storage cabinet is meant to reduce clutter and not create more. A perfect place to put any garage storage cabinet is against the wall of the garage. If you're primarily storing tools then an area next to your work area is the obvious and best choice. If you are storing chemicals then a place near a window or outside door is a decent choice.

5. Perfect Crafting Center

If you craft then a garage storage cabinet is a great addition to your work area. You can add shelves, place small containers and have divided cubes inside the cabinet. This will allow you to keep your crafts separate and organized. The same goes for woodworking or metalworking project too.