5 Tips for Basement Window Trim Installation

Basements used as a storage room but with the right decor and the use of window trim they can actually become useful and functional rooms. There are a number of different uses for basements but they can often be drafty and dingy.

Many basements have windows inside which makes it possible to allow natural light to enter the room. However many of these windows can also allow drafts into the room even though they are fitted with glass. Installing basement window trim around the frames can reduce the drafts.

Tip 1 - Measuring

It's extremely important that you measure the size of the window frame so that you can find out exactly how big you need to cut the window trim. Make sure that you measure at least twice so that you can check the window trim will fit properly. Use a tape measure to work out the size of the window trim required.

Tip 2 - Use Old Trim

If you are replacing the trim on a window then you might be able to use the old trim as a template. Instead of measuring the size of the window frame, instead put the old trim on top of a new length of window trim. Use a pencil to mark the required length onto the new piece of trim.

Tip 3 - Cutting Trim

The window trim is a very thin material and this makes cutting it very easy. You can use a standard saw to do this, don't try to use a power saw though because this could cause it to be damaged. If there are any rough edges then a file can be used to clean them off.

Offer the cut trim against the window frame to make sure that they will fit. Try to cut these accurately so that they will fit together properly. If you cut one piece too short, replace it with a new piece.

Tip 4 - Gaps

No matter how careful you are fixing the trim to the window you will always be left with gaps at the corners and also between the frame and the trim. Fill the gaps with caulking to make the window trim more effective. The whole point of using window trim is to make your home more energy efficient, which means you need to get rid of as many gaps as possible.

If there is a huge gap because the trim was not cut correctly, the trim should be replaced. You shouldn't fill any huge gaps because it will affect the appearance and effectiveness of the trim.

Tip 5 - Fixings

The interior window trim can be fixed to your window using nails or glue. The caulking around the trim will also hold it in place. Exterior trim can be fixed in the same way. Exterior trim should also be sealed using waterproof silicone caulking.

Tip 6 - Material

Window trim is available in lots of different materials, carefully choose the right material to suit your window frame. If you have a wooden window frame, wood trim will normally be the best option. If on the other hand you have UPVC window frames, you can use UPVC window trim.