5 Tips for Choosing a Leaf Net Cover

Adding a leaf net cover to your pool can help your pool stay free of leaves, twigs and large flying insects throughout the swimming season. This leaf net cover will also keep autumn leaves off your winter pool cover, preventing leaf mold buildup during the fall. Find out below what to look for with these 5 tips for choosing a leaf net cover for your above ground or inground pool.

1. Composition of the Leaf Net Cover

Select a leaf net cover with sturdy construction, so it can stand up to frequent install and remove procedures. The leaf net cover should be waterproof and flexible.

2. Structure of the Leaf Net Cover

The leaf net cover should have a strong elastic edge to fit over the top of your pool. An alternative edging could be a flexible nylon rope running through grommets that will fit snugly under the rim of the pool. On an above ground pool, whether rectangular or round, the edge should overlap the pool rim by 4 to 6 inches. For an inground pool, the leaf net cover should overlap by 12 inches all the way around and be secured with weights to keep the edges from flapping. The mesh forming the leaf net cover should be 1/4 inch across, no larger, to prevent leaves, twigs, house flies and other small insects from entering the pool water. A strong mesh will also keep toy boats, tennis balls and other yard playthings out of the pool when it is not in use. Choose a lightweight but strong leaf net cover, so that you can install it yourself or with just one helper over the pool every day. Consider installing a standing shelf next to the pool to lay the leaf net cover on, so it does not end up on the lawn, or lay on the pool deck where swimmers may accidentally tread on it.

3. When to Use Your Leaf Net Cover

Place the leaf net cover over the pool whenever your swimmers have finished for the day. This will save plenty of time in cleaning, skimming and vacuuming the pool the next day. Your pool will be sparkling and swim-ready as soon as you lift off the leaf net cover. The leaf net cover will also reduce clogging in your pool pump, as there will be much less solid debris in the water for the pump and filter to handle.

4. Closing Your Pool for the Fall

Choose a leaf net cover that will stay snugly affixed during the windy periods of autumn. Put the leaf net cover over the winter cover once you have closed the pool. You can then lift it off once all the leaves have fallen from nearby trees and large deciduous shrubs. This will prevent leaf mold stains on your winter pool cover.

5. Storing Your Leaf Net Cover

Sweep and rinse off the leaf net cover, and let it dry open in the sun. Fold it compactly and store it with your other pool supplies and equipment. Check your leaf net cover for any damage to its fitted edges or the mesh before storing it for the winter.