5 Tips for Cutting Concrete with an Angle Grinder

An angle grinder on an isolated white background.

In order to ensure that you correctly use an angle grinder when cutting concrete, it is necessary to take several aspects into account. This will not only ensure that the project is completed right, but also that it is done efficiently and safely.

1. Check Your Grip

Prior to using the angle grinder, try it out for grip and test the weight to ensure that you can handle it. Most grinders will have two handles that will help to keep the tool steady, and you should check that you can hold it comfortably with your dominant hand. Be aware that you will need to apply some pressure when passing the blade through the concrete, which will make the tool seem heavier due to the vibrations.

2. Protect Yourself

In addition to making sure that the safety guard on the angle grinder is in place and secure, you need to use some other protective methods. Avoid wearing any loose clothing and use gloves to protect your hands and improve your grip. Small particles of concrete can come loose and fly off during the cutting process, which can present a real hazard. Use a pair of protective goggles to ensure that you do not get any debris in your eyes. It is also prudent to wear a face mask to reduce the risk of breathing in any concrete dust.

3. Mark Cut Line

To ensure that you get a precise cut with the angle grinder, you should mark the position of the line to cut with a straight edge and a pencil. From this point, you should carefully use a hammer and chisel to score along the pencil line, making sure that the resulting groove is deep enough to hold the blade. It should need no more than three blows, depending on the thickness of the concrete, and should be completed along the entire line. This process will ensure that you only cut where necessary and the blade is not in danger of skidding across the surface.

4. Prepare Your Work Area

Ensure that your work area is cleared of any unnecessary items so that you are not hindered while you are using the angle grinder. Besides clearing any potential tripping hazards, make sure that the power cord of the appliance is always to the rear and not in danger of falling in the path of the blade. If you are working in an enclosed area, ensure that it is properly ventilated.

5. Operate the Grinder Correctly

Make sure that you keep both hands on the grinder when it is on and when you are using it on the concrete. Prior to allowing the blade to come into contact with the concrete, wait for the revolutions of the blade to reach full speed and ensure that you are braced for the change in pressure when you apply the blade. Do not allow yourself to get distracted when you are using the tool and ensure that it is switched off at the power source when it is no longer required.