5 Tips for Designing Above Ground Pool Steps

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Designing and building above ground pool steps is a great deal more challenging than building steps into an in-ground pool. When you purchase an above ground pool you get a bare-bones pool kit. You have to purchase and install the pool pump, the filters, and even the above ground pool steps separately, adding to the expense and complicating installation. The alternative is to design and build above ground pool steps on your own. The information contained below will share with you several design tips.

1. Pool Material

    It seems like it would not matter much but it actually matters a great deal. The material in which your pool is made out of will directly influence the material your above ground pool steps are made out of and their overall design. A metal pool will need different steps than a blow-up vinyl pool or a plastic pool.

    2. The shape of the Pool

      A circular pool has to be approached differently than a square or oblong above ground pool. Each shape offers its own unique approach when designing the pool steps because you will have to adhere to the shape and height of the above ground pool. The steps have to be designed around the pool so that they fit with the curvature of the pool wall material. Trying to force a specific size of step around the pool could damage the walls of the pool.

      3. Two Steps or One

        When designing the above ground pool steps you need to consider if the steps will be in one piece or in two. Essentially you can have a ladder design that exists inside the pool which leads to a deck or another set of stairs or a separate ladder. A one-step design is essentially a step design that exists inside the above ground pool as well as outside the pool but as one piece. The two pieces of the above ground pool steps essentially sandwich the wall of the pool with the base of the steps resting on the ground and the floor of the pool. This means both areas need to be fairly flat.

        4. Ladder Materials

          You can make an above ground pool ladder out of many kinds of materials which include wood, metal, and plastic. Wood can rot unless it is weatherproofed and pressure treated and it can also damage the pool liner of the above-ground pool. Metal can and will usually rust regardless of the metal or the treatment on it. Plastic is often the best material to use for the above ground pool steps. It is durable, will not rot and is typically safe for pool materials.

          5. Orientation

            When designing above ground pool steps you need to take into consideration the orientation of the steps. This has a lot to do with how you build steps and comfort. They can be constructed a lot like normal stairs, a ladder or a combination of both.