5 Tips for Getting Rid of Hot Spots on Dogs

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Hot spots cause your dog to lick and itch on a certain area often, sometimes to the point of rawness in order to ease their suffering. This problem is usually caused by fleas, ticks, bug bites, dust mites, dry skin or allergies, but it can be easily cured with the right information. The following article will share with you a number of ways to remedy hot spots on dogs.

1. Give It Access to Air

When your dogs have a hot spot, it can be made worse if the skin is not allowed to breathe due to long hair. The moist, red area needs to dry out in order for it to properly heal. If you notice your dog paying too much attention to a single area, look for a hot spot and determine its size. Use a pair of scissors to trim the hair over and around the irritated skin, trimming about an inch of extra space all the way around. This will prevent the hair from growing in too fast, giving the hot spot enough contact with air to dry out and heal.

2. Use Baby Shampoo

Dog's skin is sensitive to certain chemicals and fibers. Baby shampoo is specially formulated to protect the skin, which means that the shampoo is incredibly mild. Hot spots on dogs can be soothed by dabbing baby shampoo onto the area using a cotton ball. Massage the hot spot carefully with the shampoo. Do not rinse afterward, as the shampoo needs to be absorbed by the skin in order to facilitate healing and cool the irritation.

3. Try Cortisone Spray

Hot spots on dogs are warm to the touch and tender but a dog’s skin is sensitive to many lotions and creams. Cortisone spray cools the hot spot as it acts as medication. This will prevent the dog from wanting to scratch the area.

4. Prevent Your Dog From Licking with a Funnel Collar

The natural instinct of your dog is to scratch or lick damaged skin. Your dog doesn’t know better but this will cause the hot spot to become increasingly worse. A funnel collar goes around the neck and extends past the head of the dog to prevent them from further injuring themselves. These are relatively inexpensive and they can be bought from your vet or from most pet stores. Be sure you get the right size for your dog so it is not too loose or too tight.

5. Soak the Spot with a Tea Bag Cure

Tea contains a chemical called tannic acid, which has the ability to draw out infections. The highest quantity of tannic acid is found in black and green tea. So steep one tea bag of either of these kinds in a cup of water and then remove it. Allow the tea bag to cool down for a few minutes then let it sit directly on the hot spot. Repeat a few times during the day for about a week and the irritation should heal.