5 Tips for Improving Diesel MPG

If you are concerned about improving the diesel mpg of your vehicle, those concerns are particularly valid in the modern age. As the price of diesel rises, it is highly critical to reduce the costs of running your vehicle. Below are some ideas that can help you increase mileage for every gallon of diesel you purchase.

Tip 1 – Weight of Vehicle

If you keep a vast amount of tools or bulky items in the trunk of your car or the bed of your pick up truck, take out some of the non-essential heavy items. Adding excess weight puts a big strain on your vehicle and for every extra pound it carries, you will reduce the economical advantages. If you keep things like golf clubs in the back or a massively heavy tool box, try removing all the bits and pieces that you do not need to carry. Only keep the important items that would be necessary in the event of a breakdown.

Tip 2 – Accurate Tire Pressure

It is becoming more common to see information about keeping your tires pressure correct. Low pressure tires add more strain to the vehicle and will confuse it into thinking it is carrying heavy loads. This will inevitably burn too much fuel and you will notice your gas gauge slipping down much quicker than usual. Keep your tires checked regularly and put air in when needed.

Tip 3 – Reduce Air Conditioning

People who own gasoline cars may notice that when they use their air-conditioning, their gas gauge falls rapidly. This behavior also occurs in diesel engines. Air-conditioning units reduce the efficiency of the engine but there are times when it can be more effective to use it rather than not. If you are on the freeway for a long drive, using the air-conditioning is better, by ratio, than having the windows open. By opening windows you increase the resistance of the movement of the car and slow it down. This forces the engine to work more. On short trips, open the windows and save the air-conditioning and the fuel.

Tip 4 – Driving Less Frequently

This might seem like an obvious suggestion but if you try to combine your trips, you can save money on fuel. It won’t improve your diesel mpg but it will reduce the amount of miles you do in one trip which you may have made in three. Trips to the grocery store and doctors can be combined by going to the store after the doctors office so think about any journeys you intend to make.

Tip 5 – Keep Your Engine Tuned

Correctly tuned engines are naturally more efficient. They can actually increase fuel efficiency by around 3-5%. If the oil is changed regularly and the timing is tuned to perfection you will find you are using less fuel, or at least, no more fuel. Keep your spark plugs in good shape and clean or replace the air filter at regular intervals will also help to optimize the engine behavior and performance.