Tips for Installing a Corner Shower Door

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A corner shower door completes a corner shower. Although a corner shower looks wonderful and creates extra space, it requires more careful installation. The installation for every a corner shower door varies. Follow this advice when installing your corner shower door.

Types of Doors

There are several types of corner shower door. Some slide; others open outward. There are pros and cons to both types. Some people prefer sliders for small bathrooms because they don't require clearance to open, but an outward opening door gives easier access to the shower.


Installing a corner shower door will be the final step in installing a corner shower door. Unpack and inspect it for any damage. Ensure that the frame is straight.


Check the measurements of the door opening. Compare them to the measurement of the corner shower door. Use a level the uprights and bottom to be certain it’s straight.

Dry Fit

The corner shower door won’t fit on side hinges. It will use points on the top and bottom that fit to the top and bottom of the door frame. Dry fit the door first to make sure it can open and close smoothly. It will be easier with 2 people, but 1 person can manage it. Carefully put the door on the bottom rail of the corner shower, with the lower point going into the proper hole.

Securing the Door

If there are no problems with the dry fitting, screw the upper rail in place. There should be 2 screws on each side of the rail. Tighten them, but not too much. Install the small magnet in the door frame to stop the corner shower door from swinging open. Screw it in place and check that it will hold the corner shower door closed while releasing it under easy pressure.

To finish the corner shower door, add the appropriate handles or knobs. Clean the doors with glass cleaner to make them sparkle.