5 Tips for Installing Engineered Wood Siding

Whether you are performing a new home construction, or simply want to replace the existing siding on your home, engineered wood siding is an excellent low-cost alternative to real wood siding. It looks and cuts like the real thing and is much less expensive. It is also very easy to install and work with as well. This article will provide you with some tips that will make installing engineered wood siding on your home a snap.

Order Pre-Primed Engineered Wood Siding

Most engineered wood siding manufacturers offer the option of buying the siding pre-primed. If this option is available to you, you should always consider it when ordering your engineered wood siding. Primer used by the manufacturer is applied in such a way that it makes painting of engineered wood siding much easier. You might also find that the slight increase in price of the engineered wood siding with the addition of the pre-primed option is usually about the same as purchasing buckets of primer and priming the wood siding yourself.

Buy Self-Aligning Engineered Wood Siding

When ordering engineered wood siding, consider purchasing one of the brands of wood siding that offers self aligning technology. This type of technology allows for the easiest installation of engineered wood siding. The pieces of the siding are designed to interlock with one another, which ensures that the siding is always  level and straight. This will not only make the installation go much faster, but it will also help you avoid many common installation errors made when installing wood siding. Although the brands that support this technology do cost a little more, the added expense is negligible when you consider the savings in time and effort that this type of engineered wood siding can provide.

Buy or Rent a Nail Gun

If you do not already have a nail gun, you may want to seriously consider buying or renting one. Installing engineered wood siding means a lot of nails  need to be inserted into the wood siding on the side of your home. Although you can certainly do this with a regular hammer, it does make for a much longer installation and more fatigue and strain in your forearms and shoulders. If you don't think you'll have too much need for a nail in the future, then renting one from a local tool rental store is probably the best option. The $30 or $40 that you will spend on the nail gun rental will not only help you save hours of time versus hammering nails the old-fashioned way, it will also help you avoid having to use an ice pack a couple of days after the job is finished.

Know Where to Start

Before you begin installing engineering would siding, it is a good idea to know where to start. When installing engineered wood siding, it is best to start from the bottom of your home and work your way up. The natural inclination of many first-timers is to start at the top and go down from there; however, this will result in an improper installation that you may find impossible to finish.

Install All of the Felt First

Before you start installing the engineered wood siding on your home, you should install all of the felt paper beforehand. You may be tempted to install the felt paper in sections, and then install the wood siding. However, the job will go much faster if you install all of the fell paper at once.