5 Tips for Keeping Your Glass Shower Doors Clean

woman in shower with clear wall

Keeping your glass shower doors clean might seem like an impossible task because glass is notorious for getting water spots and smudges on it. When a glass shower door is completely clean, it is really a thing of beauty. However, most people have trouble keeping them clean and it makes a big difference in the appearance. It not only affects the appearance of the door itself, but can even bring down the appearance of the bathroom overall. If you are having trouble keeping your shower door clean, you are definitely not alone. Here are a few tips for keeping your glass shower doors clean.

1. Try to Keep the Glass Dry

One of the most important things to realize is that you need to wipe it off. When you are done showering, try to squeegee down the shower door so that water is not just sitting on the door. Water spots are what cause most people trouble with a glass shower door. The water has minerals in it that leave deposits on the glass if it is allowed to dry there. Just like people dry off their car after washing it, wiping off the glass shower door will help accomplish the same thing.

2. Commercial Cleaners

There are a number of commercial glass cleaners that you can use to clean the glass shower door. Windex is one of the time-tested ways to clean glass and it still works great. Spray down the shower doors with Windex and then wipe off the Windex with a soft cloth. This will help you remove streaks in and smudges in the glass. There are also a number of other glass cleaners that you could use to do the job as well.

3. Vinegar or Bleach

You can also use some common household items to help keep the shower doors clean. Vinegar is something that can do wonders for a shower door. Make a mixture of vinegar and water with one part vinegar and four parts water. Spray the mixture on the shower doors once a week and then wipe them off. You can also use bleach to do the same thing. These mixtures will help kill germs that live on the shower door and prevent mold or mildew from forming. This is an inexpensive way to clean the shower door and can be very effective if you remember to do it often enough.

4. Ventilation

After you shower, make sure that the bathroom is well-ventilated. Turn the fan on and open the bathroom door to make sure that all of the moisture from the shower leaves the room. This will help with the drying process and make sure that mold and mildew do not form.

5. Fabric Softener Sheet

This is definitely an unorthodox way to clean a glass shower door, but it will work. Fabric softeners are designed to break up water spots so they work great on glass shower doors. Just take a sheet and use it to wipe the door down. It could not get much easier than that.