5 Tips for Making Profit When You Sell a Used Car

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Those looking to sell a used car want to get as much money out of the sale as possible. Here are some common suggestions for increasing your profit when getting rid of your car, in order to invest more in your next ride or pocket the money for savings.

Minimize Exterior and Interior Cosmetic Damage - One of the best ways to get more value in a used car resale is to prevent down-selling due to interior or exterior cosmetic conditions. For exterior damage, some bondo and paint solutions might help. For the interior, car owners can do some deep cleaning to improve some stains. Seat covers may also help to raise the resale value if seats are damaged. Deep cleaning of the interior, including plastic surfaces on the dash, steering wheel and other areas may go a long way toward getting you a better dollar value on your resale.

Sell Your Used Vehicle “Ready To Drive” - Lots of used car sellers recognize that they can get more for a car with simple prepping strategies that enable the buyer to drive off without up-front maintenance. Get your car an oil change and basic service before the sale, and make sure it has a valid state inspection sticker, so that you can offer it to the buyer all ready for legal transport.

Sell the Positives of Your Used Car - Many older used cars now have some specific value to the buyer. Part of this is in the simplicity of decades-old automobile design. Buyers of these older used vehicles may not have to contend with troublesome OBD (on-board diagnostic) technologies (though the newer vehicles may have improved safety or convenient maintenance features.) Sell other aspects, such as fuel economy, to the buyer, and be sure to point out that your older used car may include a lower insurance cost than a newer, flashier model

Advertise Well - Many used car owners advertise through Internet sites such as Craigslist, and this often does the trick. However, to get top dollar on your vehicle, you want to advertise as much as possible, in order to profit from a larger buyer base.

Stick to Your Offer - Most sellers recognize the general principle that it is easier to get more money for used car when it's not sold under duress. If you're at the point where you need to get rid of your used car, you may not be able to profit from it as much. Strategic sale timing can get you more money for your old ride.

The above tips are part of a comprehensive solution for getting more money out of a car when you're ready to part with it on the open market. Private party sales through independent advertising can get you a lot more financial gain than trying to trade in a used vehicle at a dealership. Think about all of your choices for maximizing the sale of your investment in a vehicle when youi are sure that you want to put it on the market.