5 Tips for Replacing an Aluminum Soffit

An aluminum soffit is normally unseen and often the last thing that people think could be wrong when repairing a roof. However, soffits are very important for your roof and how long it lasts. They are essentially part of the point where the roof and the top of the side walls meet. This area is also referred to as the cornice. This part of the roof helps to protect the house from the elements such as the sun, rain and wind. They are easy enough to install if you know how to and they can be replaced too if need be. The only thing to note is that you will require a ladder in almost all cases as they will be up high. There are a few tips and suggestions when it comes to replacing aluminum soffits on your house if they have become worn and need to be changed.

1. Fit UPVC

When you believe the soffit on your house is in need of repair and needs replacing more than anything else, you should find the old one and remove it by pulling out all the nails holding it in place. Ensure that when the nails come out you do not let them drop all over the floor below as they can be dangerous. One great option to consider when replacing soffits is to fit UPVC material combined with the aluminum. This is available in white and black and also two different brown shades. By using this material you will be saving a lot of time and energy maintaining this. It does not need to re-painted and is easy to clean as you just wipe off the dirt from the plastic.   

2. Take Care When Replacing Soffits

You should always bear in mind when replacing soffits that have worn away on your roof that you will have to work at height up a ladder. Because of this extreme care should be taken when climbing up. In fact it might be more beneficial if you can afford it to get a professional to do the job for you and use scaffolding to climb to the roof. 

3. Remove Old Soffits Completely

It is highly recommended that all the old soffit is removed completely and if there is existing wood showing under the aluminum soffit removed then this should be covered over so it will not rot or corrode. Thankfully the new soffit you are replacing should be weather resistant and lightweight.

4. Ventilation

It is necessary in most modern buildings nowadays to have ventilation around the roof area and should be about the same as a one-inch gap around the whole edge of the roof. You should definitely consider when replacing soffit that you fit soffit that is already ventilated so as to improve this situation.

5. Check the Felt on the Roof

If you need to replace aluminum soffits then you should also check that the felt underneath the tiles is still okay and not worn down too much. This should also be replaced at the same time if necessary.