5 Tips for Using Glow in the Dark Paint in Your Home

Glow in the dark paint has come a long way since it was first introduced as a luminous white or green. You can now find glow in the dark paint in many different colors in order to give more freedom for its use. Mostly used for safety with road signs and outdoor markings, the glow in the dark paint can also be used in homes and other buildings. If you are thinking about using some glow in the dark paint in your home, or around your yard, here are some tips for using it for a better outcome.

Know What You Are Painting

For the most part, people want to use glow in the dark paint for painting nighttime murals on their ceilings or walls. If this is something that you want to do, you should draw out a simple sketch of what you will be doing. When you apply the glow in the dark paint to the walls, or the ceiling, you will not be able to change things that easily. Make up a plan and know what you are going to be painting first.

Test Your Skills

Using a piece of scrap wood, and some inexpensive paints, you will benefit a great deal by testing out your drawing skills before actually putting it on the wall. This will also give you the chance to try out different styles, colors, and arrangements of the different items that you want to paint. Do not move onto the actual painting procedure with glow in the dark paint until you have a good handle of painting the different items. You should also experiment with different paint brushes, angles, rollers, and sponges to see which ones will provide you with the picture that you are looking for.

Use Enough Paint to Wet Brush

When painting with glow in the dark paint, a little is better than too much. You can always go over the spot again with a little more if it is not dark enough. When you dip your brush into the paint you should wipe off the excess paint and keep enough to make sure that the brush is still wet. As you are painting with the brush, keep it solid against the painting service for a nice smooth texture to your painting.

Mix Colors for Different Effect

If you want a more ethereal effect to your painting with the glow in the dark paint you can do this by mixing two paints within your painting. Paint the base color with a flat sponge and then cover it over with another color once the first has dried. This can sometimes bring out a great looking 3D effect to your painting.

Use Lots of Dropcloths

When working with a paint that glows in the dark you will want to make sure that you use a lot of dropcloths around the room in order to protect the furniture and floor. Use some painters tape to hold the dropcloths in place if you are going to be moving around and painting on your ceiling. Glow in the dark paint is not easy to get out of materials once it has dried.