5 Tips for Welding Motorcycle Mufflers

a black motorcycle with red and orange detail

Whether you are looking to make a few repairs or to make major stylistic changes, eventually you may do some welding to your motorcycle mufflers. Before you decide to undertake this type of project, note that it can be very dangerous and should only be attempted by someone who has lots of experience dealing with welding. There are a couple different types of mufflers that can be used on your cycles; this tutorial deals with the most basic muffler. Read on to learn some tips and tricks you can use to ensure that you get a good weld out of every job that you do.

Assemble Your Materials

Many people don’t realize how important it is to check all of your tools and materials in the beginning. Doing this one simple step will help ensure that there won’t be any problems with missing pieces down the line. This is something to remember for the future because some jobs need to be done in a timely manner. Having everything laid out and ready for you will ensure that you are ready to go.

Secure Your Motorcycle

You need to be sure that your motorcycle is locked in place. If the motorcycle is unstable you run the risk of it falling during the welding process and damaging your cycle, and potentially injuring yourself. This will also ensure that you are able to do fantastic work with the stability. The best choice may be to lay the motorcycle down on its side upon a blanket or a tarp. This will prevent scratches to the cycle.

Clean the Muffler

It is important to clean the muffler as well as the exhaust areas that are going to be welded. If these pieces are not clean, the weld will not hold properly and you are essentially putting yourself at great risk of hurting yourself. Be sure to remove any and all rust with sand paper.

Align and Stabilize Your Muffler

Place the repair piece that you are going to weld over the original muffler. This will help ensure that you have a secure weld. You want a slight bit of overlap to secure the piece solidly. Either have someone help you or find something that you can use to support your muffler. You only need it to be held in place for the initial weld. After this has been done, work your way around the piece, welding the pieces together and ensuring that you are getting a solid weld. It is important that you have the piece lined up from the very beginning in order to prevent any sort of misalignment issues.

Protect Your Muffler

When you finished with your weld, and you are happy that it is secure and ready to go, you should add a bit of protection to the piece. By using either a clear or colored spray paint depending on your preference, you can coat the muffler and the area that you welded. This will help prevent rust from forming.