5 Tips to Eliminate Cat Urine Odor

You can eliminate cat urine odor if you are suffering from it. Cat urine can be a very unpleasant smell. Removing it from your house, furniture, and carpet, or just the air can be a daunting task. Male cats might choose some unusual and hidden spots to urinate in order to mark their area, but in most cases their urine smells even in their litter box. Eliminating cat urine odor requires a lot of effort because there could be different sources of odor, and different targets for urinating. Here are a few tips on how to eliminate cat urine odor from your house.

1. Catch your Cat in Action

If you see the spot where your cat has just urinated, you should clean it right away. Some cats tend to go to the same spot over and over, therefore you need to act fast. Use a clean cloth to absorb the urine, until the spot is dry. Do not rub the spot, just blot it. Once it’s clean, use some cold water with vinegar to rinse the area again. Vinegar helps remove unpleasant odors and is very effective with cat urine as well.

2. Change the Cat Litter Often

Cat litter is the material used to absorb cat urine. If you have a cat, finding the best and safest type of litter for your pet can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the several different types available. Until a few years ago, people used to fill litter boxes with sand; however technology has introduced new absorbent and odor free materials that protect cats from urinary infections and their owners from bad odors. Whatever type of cat litter you are using, you need to change it often so that the odor doesn’t spread all over.

3. Choose the Proper Type of Litter

Since technology has advanced, there different types of litter available in the market today; the most common type of litter is clay based. It consists of clay minerals that are quite absorbent and reduce odors. Although it is quite effective in preventing the disturbing urine odor, there are numerous products that can be combined with this litter in order to achieve maximum absorption. Clay litter needs to be frequently cleaned and replaced, otherwise cats – especially male ones – tend to get infections.

Another option is the crystal based litter; increased urine odor control and satisfying levels of absorption are the main characteristics of this type. It doesn’t require frequent replacement; in fact you can change it once or twice per month. The main disadvantage of this type is that puddles of urine might appear underneath the crystal pile, which will become a nest of bacteria if not cleaned immediately.

4. Prevention is the Best Remedy

Toilet training the cat is absolutely necessary. Most cats learn to use a cat litter box fast, but with some others you need to insist more on urinating in their box.

5. Use Citronella

Citronella is a type of smell that cats really dislike; you should consider buying some products with citronella and placing them strategically in your rooms and on the carpets.