5 Steps to Mount a Flat Screen in a RV

person pushing button on remote aimed at TV on the wall
What You'll Need
Flat screen television
Industrial adhesive

Taking out your conventional TV and putting in a flat screen may make watching television in your RV a more convenient and pleasurable experience. First you will need to decide what kind of flat screen TV to buy. Flat screen TVs made from LCDs are an excellent choice for RVs as they are thin and can handle a lot of jostling. After choosing a TV, you will need to purchase a mount. There are many kinds of mounts to choose from: swivel mounts, flip down mounts, and stationary bracket mounts are a few. Make sure you get a model that allows you to watch the TV comfortably, and from as many places in the RV as possible. You can find such mounts at any electronics store, although you might want to get one especially made for RVs. You can also order it over the internet. Since flat screen televisions take up less space than conventional televisions, you might want to convert your old television box into cabinet space. Otherwise, you might want to get a swivel wall mount that will allow you to tuck the TV into the old recess when not in use. This would allow you to enjoy the benefits of a swivel mount without worrying that it will swing out while driving.

Step 1 - Attach The Mounting Plate

Using the provided screws, attach the mounting plate to the back of the television. The plate should be able to attach to any brand of television.

Step 2 - Make Sure The TV Will Be Hanging On a Secure Place

Make sure that the television compartment in your RV has wood thick enough for the screws that came with your bracket. If the wood is not thick enough, you can fashion your own box with plywood, hammer and nails. It is essential to mount the television in a sturdy place or you risk damaging your expensive new flat screen and your RV. If you are not sure whether the wall will be able to take the load, it might be worth your while to contact a professional installer.

Step 3 - Mount The Arm Properly

TV mounting bracket

Make sure that the bracket is oriented properly in the inside of the television compartment. That means that the mounting plate will be able to slide down into the bracket, with the open end facing up. Using the provided screws, mount the arm to the inside of the television compartment.

Step 4 - Screw In The Screws Loosely

Hang the television on the arm and set the height of the unit on arm as desired. Screw in the screws loosely--you will be removing many of these in the next step.

Step 5 - Reinforce The Screws With Adhesive

Remove one screw, apply an industrial adhesive to its threads, and then replace the screws securely. Repeat this step for the remaining three screws. Make sure each screw is now firmly in place. Now all you have to do it connect up the proper cables and enjoy your new flat screen TV.