5 Tips When Decorating Exposed Ceiling Support Beams

exposed ceiling beams

Exposed ceiling support beams add height and character to your home. Depending on how you finish them, they can establish a look that is rustic, tutor or contemporary. Whatever style you prefer, the exposed wood of the ceiling beams will add warmth to any room.

Maintaining, protecting, and decorating wooden exposed beams is important for keeping them in optimal condition, especially if they are supporting the floor above. If you decide to decorate your exposed ceiling support beam, you should keep in mind that they do not have to look like wood.

Tip 1 - Disguising the Wood

You can most certainly disguise the wood or other material of your ceiling support beams. Whether they are made from wood, plaster, or some other material, you can add various accessories for a totally unique look. For example, you can apply plaster casting molds to the beams in order to achieve a carved stone appearance. Design your own specific patterns to achieve a custom creation for your home.

Tip 2 - Real Wood

Solid wood beams are usually constructed from oak. They require proper care and maintenance if they are to withstand the test of time. Wood is susceptible to disease and rot. Take the correct precautions when decorating your ceiling support beams to prevent them from aging and drying quickly. If you plan on any sort of decoration, you should always make sure the wood is properly treated with the right materials. Treatment is especially important in hacienda style houses because they contain a considerable amount of wooden beams.

Tip 3 - Faux Beams

Some exposed ceiling support beams are made from composite materials instead of solid wood. They are occasionally carved with notches and slices to make them appear aged. They also need to be treated with proper solutions to keep them from disintegrating over time. It is vital to protect them before applying any outer decorative coating to the wood surface.

Tip 4 - Painting

Beams can be painted, stained or varnished if you want them to look darker or lighter than their natural color. Applying a darker stain or color to an exposed beam will both give it a deep richness of color and sufficiently age its appearance.

Tip 5 - Pegs

To add some extra character to your exposed ceiling support beams, you can drill small dowel holes and knock pegs into them. Flatten the pegs to make them look as though they were placed there to keep the joins together. Properly placed pegs will look authentic and aged. Alternatively you can paint or stain the pegs a darker color than the wood to make them look like bolts.

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