5 Tools Needed when Using HVLP Spray Paint

One of the best ways to do high volume painting is to use HVLP spray paint. HVLP spray painting uses a large volume of air at a low pressure. Essentially this means you will use less paint to cover the same size area. A fine mist is sprayed out creating an even thin layer of paint. HVLP spray painting is not difficult. The average do it yourselfer can do it with the right tools.

Spray Paint Gun

There are several types of HVLP spray paint guns on the market today. The two most common types are compressed air guns, and turbine guns. Turbine HVLP guns use a greater amount of air than regular compressed air guns to break up the paint. One thing to note when looking for HVLP spray paint guns, turbine systems are used more professional and cost a lot more than regular compressed air guns. Compressed air guns use less amount of air than turbine but still use a high enough volume to create an ultra find mist of paint for painting. Compressed air guns are more common than turbine and they are less expensive.


Regulators control the air pressure flowing through the nozzle. It will tell what the pressure is at the gun. Adjusting the regulator in your gun will adjust the psi (pounds per square inch) of air. Be careful when buying regulators. Some regulators can rob air volume from your gun because of restrictions in them. This is not ideal for the HVLP spray painting system. The whole point of the system is high air volumes.


All HVLP guns have to have an air source to operate correctly. Turbine air guns use an electrically powered turbine blower unit. This delivers a very high volume of air. Regular compressed air guns have different ways of receiving air. Some HVLP guns have air that is stored within the spray gun itself. Air tanks are also used to pump air into paint guns. Other guns use air compressors that produce air to be used in the gun.

Air Filters

HVLP spray paint guns also use air filters. They reduce the amount of particulates and foreign objects from the air. To have a beautifully finished project, the air used has to be free of all impurities. It is imperative to clean or replace air filters on a regular basis. Using dirty air filters will result in dirty paint, overspray, and possibly a clogged gun.


An important tool to consider is the nozzle. It will regulate the proper paint fluid rate and the spray pattern. They have a squeeze grip hand control. When the control is squeezed, that is when the HVLP magic happens. Air and paint are mixed, the air breaks up the paint, and a fine mist is released. Nozzles come in many different sizes and it is a good idea to check with your HVLP spray gun manufacturer to see which is the best for your gun.