5 Tricks to Upgrade a Bad View

You Don't Have to Stare at That Bare Wall Forever
The phrase, "Improve your home's view" on a cinderblock brick wall

It doesn’t take much to ruin the view from your window or backyard. Whether it’s a cinderblock wall, utility poles, or your neighbor’s laundry on a clothing line, we have a few ways to remedy the situation.

White chairs on a stone sitting area with a trellis in the background

Adding a trellis to your yard is a great option because it’s versatile: you can either leave it as-is, or plant a few vines to grow elegantly over it. Trellises have a lot of other things going for them as well: they can cover both short and long lengths of space, let the light in, and are available in a wide variety of materials and price points.

Patio Room
Plush built-in outdoor bed surrounded by curtains

Another way to dress up your yard’s view is to avoid it altogether by building a new space to enjoy. This luxurious patio room is private without feeling like you’re indoors, so you can enjoy the fresh air while ignoring what’s right outside the curtains.

Bamboo Garden
A row of pots next to bamboo reeds

Block a harsh view in your yard with plants known for growing dense and tall – like bamboo. By planting a wall or cluster of pots with this woody grass, you can shield yourself from the neighbors with the ambiance of a tropical location. (Beware: some varieties are known for spreading quickly, so search out what’s best for your landscape, or stick to planting them in containers.)

Wooden Slats
a large square fountain in a courtyard with wooden divider behind it

Put your DIY skills to use by building a slatted wood screen to dress up your space. Customization is a real selling point here – make the space between slats as wide or as narrow as you see fit to hide what's behind them. This solution is bare bones, but lends a sleek architectural element to your space.

Vines growing up a concrete wall

A bit of greenery is the prettiest way to upgrade a boring view. Certain varieties will grow up or over almost anything, including slick cement. Research what’s best for your space and with a bit of time and watering, you can enjoy the old world charm of an ivy-covered wall.