5 Types of ATV Tires

If you own an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV), you should be aware of the different types of ATV tires that are available for your vehicle. Although your ATV probably came with general purpose tires, there are different varieties available that are better suited for different types of riding. With that in mind, here is some information on the different types of ATV tires that are available and when you should consider them for your vehicle.

1. General Purpose Tires

General purpose ATV tires are the type that are usually installed whenever you buy an all terrain vehicle. These types of tires are not specifically designed for any purpose, but rather are designed to be used mostly on roads and highways. However, they can be used for occasional off-road use. If you only plan on riding your ATV occasionally, this type of tire is usually the best type to own.

2. Mud Tires for Playing in the Water

If you'll be going off road quite a bit with your ATV, and will be playing in the mud a lot, you will want ATV tires that are made specifically for this purpose. ATV mud tires are designed with wide gaps and irregular tread spacing to ensure a better grip in the soggy and moist soil of mud. The tires are designed to resist spinning as much as possible. However, they are not usually designed for high-speed use on roads and highways.

3. Paddle Tires for the Beach

For ATVs that are used almost exclusively on beaches, paddle tires are recommended. Paddle tires resemble large balloons with paddles on the face of the tire. There are usually only a few large treads on the tire, thus the paddle name for the tires. They look more like a paddle on old riverboat than ATV tires. Although they are effective in sand, they are not usually recommended for other types of usage. In fact, running sand paddle tires on the highway or a trail can quickly damage them.

4. Snow Tires for Cold Climates

Snow tires for all terrain vehicles are also rather strange in appearance. Instead of vertical treads that run around the perimeter of the tire, they have horizontal treads that look a lot like snow chains. The snow chain like threads allow the tires to grip into the snow rather than spinning in it. The tires also usually very soft and pliable rubber which prevents them from spinning in the snow as well.

5. Trail Tires for Camping and Hiking

Trail tires are similar in design and appearance to mud tires. However, the treads on trail tires are usually a little closer together. Trail tires are also similar to general purpose tires in that they can usually run with few problems on roads and highways. However, trail tires are made of a little harder type of rubber and are more expensive than general purpose tires. Also, they shouldn't be used in deep water or very muddy areas.