5 Types of Auto Body Kits

An auto body kit is a collection of aftermarket car body items designed to add aerodynamic styling and sporty looks to a car, SUV, or other vehicle. With a number of body kits on the market, you need to be aware of the many types so you can choose the best for your enjoyment. No longer is there a need to spend effort and time buying individual parts; you can choose the one you want from a range of pre-made kits, there are an endless amount of styles to choose from. Universal kits are available, but you should easily be able to find a suitable one that is an exact match for your car.

Nowadays urethane is the most popular body kit material as it is more flexible, though you can still find fibreglass kits in most stores. There is no difference in the quality but urethane kits are slightly more expensive to buy.

Full Car Body Kit

These kits consist of a hood, replacement front and rear bumpers, and side skirts; right and left. There are full body kits available for most SUVs and cars. These are the fastest way to dress up a car but the bumpers can be difficult to install without damage to the existing frame or bumper.

Ground Effects Kit

Sometimes called a Lip kit, these kits generally have bolt-on components that are attached to the existing front and rear bumpers. Giving the car a sporty styling and racy look means that these kits are popular. These are the easiest kits to install and remove and they tend to reduce the under-car air flow allowing the car to hug the road better.

Bumper Replacement Kit

These kits have replacement bumpers for your car. You may want to have professional help installing this kit as a lot of damage can be done to the car while removing the original bumpers and installing the new ones.

Wide Body Kit

In addition to the five pieces found in the full body car kit, the wide body kit adds width to the care with fender flares or, sometimes, fender replacements. These kits are the most expensive to buy and can be difficult to install, depending on the fastenings and the pieces themselves. This kit is popular amongst those with extra wide tyres installed.

Custom Kit

You can make up your own inexpensive body kit by mixing and matching components to end up with a unique and personalised vehicle. When you make your own kit, you can choose from a number of pieces that don’t come as standard with the other kits, such as spoilers and vertical doors. This option is the way to go if you have the tools and experience to install them, as well as a driving need to own a one-of-a-kind vehicle that stands out in any crowd.

Whether you are looking to buy an auto body kit for the looks or the improved aerodynamics, any of the kits mentioned will give your car a completely different look with your own personal touch.