5 Types of Drapes

There are several different types of drapes. To aid you in your design and function decision, here are the main 5:

1 – Sheers

Sheers, or sheer drapes, are thin, see-through drapes that are meant to lend privacy by obscuring vision while letting natural light in. Usually they’re made of nylon or polyester and are machine washable. Also, because of the light-lending qualities, sheers are usually white or pastel in color, though they can be available in darker colors.

2 – Silk Drapes

Silk is a very luxurious fabric and can be made into all sorts of textures, like velvet. Silk curtains and drapes are usually handmade or high-end manufactured, and come in a plethora of thicknesses, textures, colors and designs. But because they’re silk, they’re generally expensive, even if you make them yourself. These are hard to clean because you have to hand-wash or dry-clean them.

3 – Blackout Drapes

Blackout drapes are fabric drapes that have an opaque lining on the fabric side that faces out. These are designed to block out light from the outside. They’re good for sleeping, for heat control, and for privacy.

4 – Thermal Drapes

Thermal drapes are similar to blackout drapes but they’re lined with a material that not only blacks out the sunlight, but also helps to keep the draft of windows under control. Thermals can help control energy bills.

5 – Fabric Drapes

These are being called “fabric drapes” because they come in all sorts of fabrics, colors, prints, cuts, and designs. These are the packaged drapes that you buy in any home goods store. They’re usually made of cotton or a cotton blend, are machine washable, tolerant of irons, and are generally durable. These curtains can be changed into thermal or blackout drapes if necessary.